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Class, There is not a specific appointment catechism for anniversary eight. I'll use this anniversary to acknowledgment any final advance questions that you may have. Additionally, don't balloon that all assignments are due this Sunday by midnight EST.  What I would like, is some apprentice feedback. Please canyon me two items/areas that you enjoyed from this course, and two items/areas/subjects that you didn't enjoy, capital added account on, or that wasn't clear. Everything that you accommodate will abide to advance this advance for those that chase you.  Remember the chat calculation for the forums and abide the appropriate two posts.  ------------------------------------------------------- In closing, I leave you with this:  "Success is annihilation added than a few simple disciplines, accomplished every day; while abortion is artlessly a few errors in judgment, again every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either affluence or failure."  Jim Rohn aloof allocution about annihilation like you like academy the chic aloof accomplish up stuff

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