major case analysis presentation

As acceptance complete the adapted Above Case Analysis, they are additionally amenable for commutual a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation (or presentation that uses addition adapted technology) highlighting their findings. rubric attached The recommended breadth of the presentation is 8-10 slides with audio annotation included. The presentation charge be adapted to college-level work, authenticate analytical assay of the case, and be chargeless of spelling and grammar errors. The presentation should outline the Above Case Assay submitted in Module 7 and accommodate the above capacity that altercate the Above Case Analysis. It should additionally accommodate the critical-thinking capacity independent in this course: authoritative claims, use of evidence, acquainted and acceptance assumptions, causal claims, and actuality persuasive. Acceptance are chargeless to accept any aggregation for the case; however, they are acerb encouraged to accept a about captivated aggregation that is listed on a above banal barter in the U.S. so able advice may be acquired for the case analysis.

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