“Maintaining Data Integrity” & “Aggregate Queries”

Describe the accent of advancement candor rules throughout the database structure.  Create at atomic three examples of accepted relationships that are acclimated aural a relational database system.  Justify your response.  Many times, database designs do not accommodate the able use of indexes. Provide a specific archetype on how an basis could be acclimated in adjustment to enhance user chase experience. List specific fields that you would index. Analyze what would action if the able basis is not included, with account to your example. Suppose you accept been assassin as an IT able to abutment database advertisement functionality for a Human Resources system.  Compose at atomic two accumulated action queries that can be advantageous for the admiral of the alignment to abstract arbitrary abstracts from a database system.   Synthesize how accumulated functions advice the alignment accept agent performance. Provide an archetype that supports how the accumulated action is acclimated to advantage aptitude aural the organization. Note: The Strayer Oracle Server may be acclimated to analysis and abridge the SQL Queries developed.

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