Glamour annual has set off somewhat of an Internet abnormality with a babyish photo it ran on folio 194 of its September 2009 issue. It’s a about nude angel of archetypal Lizzi Miller sitting on a bank with a abundant big smile on her face. As photos go, it’s no added than PG. Certainly alternative photos in the magazine, either beat or advertising, showed added skin. So why is this photo accumulation so abundant attention? Ms. Miller has a babyish abdomen pooch. Glamour Editor-In-Chief Cindi Leive writes on her blog: It’s a photo that measures all of three by three inches in our September issue, but the belletrist about it started to flood my inbox actually the day Glamour hit newsstands. (As editor-in-chief, I pay absorption to this stuff!) “I am asthmatic with contentment …I adulation the woman on p 194!” said one…then another, and another, andanotherandanotherandanother. So…who is she? And what on apple is so appropriate about her? Here’s the deal: The account wasn’t of a celebrity. It wasn’t of a supermodel. It was of a woman sitting in her underwear with a smile on her face and a abdomen that looks…wait for it…normal. The photo goes with a adventure by Akiba Solomon on women activity adequate in their own skin (Links to an alien site.). The photo has no caption, no acknowledgment of who the archetypal is, no acknowledgment of the actuality she wears a admeasurement 12/14 and weighs 180 pounds. The acknowledgment to this babyish photo – it’s not a awning photo, not promoed anywhere in the annual – has been big. There accept been at atomic 770 comments added to Editor Leive’s blog post (Links to an alien site.) about the photo, not to acknowledgment the e-mails. Many of the comments are laudatory. One woman alleged it “the best amazing photograph I’ve anytime apparent in any women’s magazine,” while addition wrote, “Thank you Lizzi, for assuming us your adorableness and confidence, and giving woman a adventitious to hopefully admit a little of their own also.” Miller loves the acknowledgment she’s had to the photo: “When I was adolescent I absolutely struggled with my anatomy and how it looked because I didn’t accept why my accompany were so calmly skinny. As I got earlier I accomplished that everyone’s anatomy is altered and not anybody is angular naturally–me included! I abstruse to adulation my anatomy for how it is, every ambit of it. I acclimated to be so affected in a bikini because my abdomen wasn’t altogether defined. But anybody has altered anatomy shapes! And it’s not all about the physical! If you airing on the bank in your bikini with aplomb and you feel sexy, bodies will see you that way too.” Not anybody admired the photo and what it stood for, however. One commenter wrote, “I charge say I accept to accede that the normalization of blubber is a advancing trend today.”Another commented,“We accept abundant problems with blubber in the US and don’t charge your annual announcement anymore of it. Shame on Glamour for cerebration this was sexy!” More absorbing was the criticism of Glamour for application an angel like the one of Miller as a publicity stunt: [W]hile I do give Glamour a big acknowledge you for assuming us Lizzi at all, it was to actualize acting fizz and to accord themselves a pat on the aback for “doing the appropriate thing” for America’s women and girls, but back it comes bottomward to dollars and cents they aren’t activity to change a thing. Not actuality a carper here…just a realist. Take care. I ambition it could be altered too. Student announcer Rebecca Koons, writing in University of Iowa’s Daily Iowan (Links to an alien site.), argues a agnate position: The alone botheration is, this blazon of absolute attitude against accepting and actuality oneself is not marketed about as abundant as it should be. We do accept publications such as Self that are demography things in a convalescent administration — abreast from that whole Kelly Clarkson debacle. (Links to an alien site.) One can alone achievement that Glamour and others will activate to chase suit. While a absolute about-face of adorableness and appearance may never happen, one can alone achievement that babyish accomplish like these will alone advice women acquisition alleviation in all-embracing what they were built-in with. Of course, none of this addresses the affair that Lizzi Miller at admeasurement 12/14 is hardly a additional size, admitting she is advised a additional admeasurement model. Even back there were magazines such as Graceand Mode targeted at admeasurement 12 women and larger, there were accuse that alone “skinny” plus-size models charge apply. Since the photo and commodity were appear in Glamour, archetypal Lizzie Miller’s career has taken off.  In this account with journalist Lydia Slater of London’s Daily Mail (Links to an alien site.) Miller says that she initially acquainted ashamed back the photo was appear because it showed her amplitude marks and a abdomen roll: “I said to myself: ‘OK, It’s not the best picture, but it’s not a big deal.  And anyway, nobody’s activity to see it.’” But added than a year afterwards “the photo” was published, Miller had become a superstar of the clay apple and says she has become abundant added accepting of her own size. “We charge to be adulatory angular girls, ample girls, alpine girls, abbreviate girls, atramentous girls, Asian girls and all nationalities,” Miller said. “I anticipate that would accomplish women feel a lot bigger about themselves.  We accept a continued way to go until a babe who’s ample can be in a annual after a lot of absorption actuality fatigued to her.” Please acknowledge to the afterward questions in 3 - 5 pages (double spaced).  Your accounting responses should be a minimum of 3 pages (if you accommodate all the questions, amuse do not calculation this in the folio count. If you use 1/3 of the folio for your name and title, amuse do not accommodate this in the folio count). Amuse us 12 point font, 1 inch margins, bifold spaced.  How did you initially acknowledge to this “unconventional” photo of a archetypal assuming a abdomen pooch? Did you anticipate it is unattractive, a abundant astute image, or no big deal? Why do you anticipate you accept this accustomed reaction? Look at the photo. What makes it altered from the archetypal photo in fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazines for women?  How does Miller call her animosity about the photo? What did it do for her career? How did Glamour’s readers acknowledge to the story? What do critics of the photo accept to say? What do you anticipate about the photo? Why do you anticipate the photo drew such able reactions? Is it important for appearance magazines to broadcast photos of models of altered sizes? Will additional sized models acquisition a abode in appearance spreads that aren’t adherent to “curvy” models? Advertising tells women that what’s best important is how they look, and ads beleaguer us with the angel of ideal changeable beauty. However, this flawlessness cannot be achieved. It’s a attending that’s been created through airbrushing, cosmetics, and computer retouching. How do you anticipate this trend of ads depicting ideal adorableness appulse women in society?

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