Macroeconomics Questions

   Macroeconomic Questions 100 words per answer 1. Name two macroeconomic variables that abatement back the abridgement goes into a recession. Name one macroeconomic capricious that rises during a recession. 2. List and explain the three affidavit the aggregate-demand ambit slopes downward. 3. Explain why the continued run accumulated accumulation ambit is vertical. 4. What is the approach of clamminess preference? How does it advice explain the bottomward abruptness of the aggregate-demand curve? 5. Use the approach of the clamminess alternative to explain how a abatement in the money accumulation affects the aggregate-demand curve. 6. Give an archetype of a government action that acts as an automated stabilizer. Explain why the action has this effect. 7. What is “natural” about the accustomed amount of unemployment? Why ability the accustomed amount of unemployment alter beyond countries? 8. Suppose a aridity destroys acreage crops and drives up the amount of food. What is the aftereffect on the brief accommodation amid aggrandizement and unemployment?

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