macroeconomics  1. Watch the video from the CNN documentary "The Eighties: Greed is Good." It's Season 1, Adventure 8 if you'd adopt to watch on Netflix (might be easier!). Unfortunately, this accurate adventure isn't on YouTube at the time of this assignment, but it ability be now if you'd like to check. It IS on Netflix, and I'm abiding best of you accept admission to a Netflix countersign but if not, the articulation I've absorbed beneath will cull it up. 2. Compare and adverse the banking situation(s) declared in the 80s with what's happened over the aftermost 10 years or so, including our "Great Recession." For example, a brace of the the big banking scandals at the time was Insider Trading and Leveraged Buyouts, today it's Ponzi Schemes and Betting on the Bubble (housing, etc). Also, again acclaim agenda acceptance was on the rise, today it's aggressive and alike apparent as all-important (in the 80s, $12,000 beatific a ancestors into bankruptcy, that ability be advised a low bulk today). 3. Draw a conclusion. We assume to echo our banking history, why is that?

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