Assignment Details As an agent of a aggregation that is because advance in a adopted economy, you accept been asked to analysis a country and accomplish a presentation to your colleagues about an breadth of bread-and-butter affair in the country.  Select a country in Africa, Asia, or Latin America to research.  Select 1 of the afterward bread-and-butter apropos to research:  Gross Calm Artefact (GDP)  Unemployment  Inflation  Quantities of specific appurtenances and services  Exports and imports Research abstracts sets for the one bread-and-butter affair aural the country that you accept chosen.  Prepare 1 presentation consisting of 10-12 Power Point slides and acknowledgment the afterward questions:  What are 2–3 relationships amid the bread-and-butter affair you called and that specific country's economy?  Support your altercation of the trends with statistical evidence.  Use graphs and/or abstracts tables of the variables you chose in the discussion. What trends do you see in the abstracts sets? Amuse explain.  Cite all of your sources and accommodate a advertence list  Your analysis and slides will anatomy the base for your Unit 8 Submission Assignment paper, so amuse be abiding to be accurate and absolute in your research.  Present your information, with adapted pictures/graphics, in a PowerPoint presentation. The capital capacity or ammo credibility should arise on the slides with acknowledging visuals, while the Apostle Addendum breadth (the box amid at the basal of anniversary accelerate which allows you to blazon in notes) should be acclimated to go into added abyss apropos these capital topics. Accomplish abiding the addendum accommodate advice from the sources you accept apparent in your research. This is actual important aspect of your assignments as it will accommodate both you and your admirers with acknowledging explanations that the ammo posts artlessly can’t convey. Your presentation should abide of a minimum of 12 slides of content, and the following: a appellation slide, an anterior slide, a abstracts slide, and a references slide.  Use the afterward assets for assistance: Access the arrangement provided, or actualize your own slideshow afterward the requirements listed above. Refer to the Microsoft Appointment website for abetment with PowerPoint:  The Smarthinking ability is additionally accessible to abetment in the basics of the PowerPoint tool. Use at atomic two sources back researching advice to abutment your argument. Remember to use credible, accepted sources to abutment your presentation. Use APA advertence and commendation architecture for the sources that you use. Place citations on the accordant slides with one or two slides at the end for your advertence list. Grading Criteria Grading CriteriaProficient DescriptorPointsIdentifies country and bread-and-butter concern• Identifies the called country in Africa, Asia, or Latin America • Identifies one bread-and-butter affair aural the ambition country; such as gross calm artefact (GDP), unemployment, inflation, quantities of specific appurtenances and services, or exports and imports   10Economic Concern• Describes the bread-and-butter affair that is occurring in the ambition country. (10 points) • Discusses 2-3 relationships amid the bread-and-butter affair and the ambition country's economy. (20 points) • Utilizes graphs and/or abstracts tables from aboveboard sources to certificate the bread-and-butter concern. (10 points) • Includes apostle addendum that accommodate capacity on the bread-and-butter affair and the relationships amid the bread-and-butter affair and the country’s abridgement (20 points)   60Interpretation and Analysis• Explains trends acclaimed in the abstracts sets apropos the bread-and-butter concern. (20 points) • Uses graphs, tables and statistical affirmation to present bread-and-butter abstracts (10 points) • Includes apostle addendum that accommodate capacity on the bread-and-butter affair and the relationships amid the bread-and-butter affair and the country’s abridgement (20 points)   50Presentation Layout• Presentation consists of 10 – 12 slides. • Sequences advice logically with bland transitions to affix key points.  • Applies tone, style, examples, and cant accordant to the advised audience.  • Uses architecture elements to reinforce capital credibility and to aerate admirers understanding, including: graphics, multimedia, color, argument font, able spacing, headings, and subheadings.    10Credibility• Utilizes aboveboard advice sources (a minimum of 2). • Information sources are acutely articular and appropriately cited and referenced application APA Style. Citations arise on the accordant slides with one or two slides at the end for the advertence list.   10Grammar & Mechanics• Presentation is clear, well-articulated, and chargeless from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.   10Total  150

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