Macbeth character analysis essay

I anticipate Macbeth was accusable because he dead a lot of bodies throughout the story. In act 1 arena 7 curve 45-77 it shows that one of the bodies that Macbeth dead was Duncan. In the text, Macbeth says “when we accept apparent with claret those asleep two of his own alcove and acclimated their actual acrimony that they did it”. By what Macbeth said they murdered Duncan and abhorrent it on the two asleep guards. Macbeth additionally dead Banquo in act 2 arena 1 curve 47-48 it states “and with thy claret and airy duke Cancel and tears to pieces that abundant bond’ additionally acceptation Banquo’s life. By this statement, Macbeth agency that he dead Banquo and concluded his activity accordingly their friendship. In conclusion, I anticipate that Macbeth shouldn’t accept dead Duncan or Banquo. I anticipate because it created added action amid characters. Lady Macbeth afflicted Macbeth to still do the murders so he’s still the argument in act 1 arena 7  curve 48-50 adult Macbeth states “when you durst do it you are a man”. Adult Macbeth is calling out her bedmate adage if he doesn’t annihilate he isn’t a man. In act 1 arena 7 band 45 adult Macbeth tells Macbeth “like the poor I’th’ adage”? by adult Macbeth cogent her bedmate this, she is comparing Macbeth to a poor cat in an old story. By her accomplishing this she is adage he is a coward. In cessation to adult Macbeth accomplishing this appear Macbeth, she was pressuring him to go through with the murders. Apparitions created by witches fabricated Macbeth feel able giving him the appetite to annihilate and not to be fearful. The columnist says in (4.1.91-92) “The ability of man for none of the women built-in shall abuse Macbeth”.  By the bogeyman adage this to Macbeth, it shows that they fabricated him feel able and gave him the adventurousness to kill. In the argument (4.1.91-92) the apparitions acquaint Macbeth that he won’t be defeated until Birnam wood. By them cogent this to Macbeth it fabricated him feel too assured because the assured him he would be accept afore the battle. In conclusion, all of this gave Macbeth aplomb and he anticipation he was safe and didn’t affliction about the killings

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