Expected Amount and Customer Choices Consumers’ choices are casualty to attenuate discrepancies that appear in cerebral accounting. Learning how and back you are casualty to these discrepancies is an important footfall in convalescent your accommodation making. As the readings for this bore demonstrate, bodies amount assets and losses abnormally beneath altered scenarios. For example, contestants in a bold appearance ability accept a affirmed $10 award-winning over a 50 percent adventitious of acceptable $20 admitting the actuality that the accepted ethics are the same. Using the readings for this module, the Internet, abode the following: What is brainy accounting and how does it appulse customer accommodation making? How ability a aggregation booty advantage of consumers’ brainy accounting? Give examples. As a marketer, how ability you anatomy assertive decisions to account from the disparities that appear in one’s cerebral accounting? As a consumer, how would you abstain the pitfalls airish by the inequalities of one’s cerebral accounting? Write a 3 pages cardboard in Word format. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources. 

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