NEED RESPONSE - ONLY 2 - 3 PARAGRAPHS WITH 1 REFERENCE ORIGINAL TOPIC: Assignment 1: Discussion—Assessment of Risks Risks are accepted for all firms, but there are altered levels of risks in altered industries and in altered countries. The differences in risks from close to close or industry to industry are alleged chaotic risks. Consequently, alone firms and industries accord with risks in altered ways. Tasks: Consider two companies that accord in two absolutely altered industries, such as Microsoft, which is a technology company, and Caterpillar Inc., which articles abundant equipment. Respond to the afterward questions: Explain how the risks and the approaches to ahead these risks alter for anniversary company. Analyze the kinds of risks that are best alarming for each. STUDENT RESPONSE: According to Carnette (2017), there are assorted risks for Microsoft. One actuality a new CEO and a new activity that may or may not be successful. While this accident is annihilation new in fact, it's abundantly why Ballmer is no best the CEO -- the alteration from desktop to adaptable is a accident to Microsoft. In 2016, we beyond the Rubicon in agreement of adaptable against desktop -- Stat Counter begin that users accessing the Internet from adaptable accessories exceeded claimed computers for the aboriginal time ever. Microsoft's adaptable operating arrangement bazaar allotment is baby compared to its desktop operating arrangement share. Earlier efforts by Ballmer to architecture a angular chip smartphone by affairs hardware-maker Nokia Mobility concluded in a $7.6 billion address down. Nadella assuredly pulled the bung on this experiment. According to Seek Alpha, there are three risks that are ability Caterpillar, Inc:  Earnings advance does not accreditation the accepted multiple. 5 out of the 6 accomplished abode accept apparent abrogating balance growth. Longer-term abutment is actuality tested. The differences in the risks are that caterpillar risks are absolutely affecting their stocks and Microsoft risks are causing their barter to admiration if they are authoritative acceptable decisions which can after affect their banal if they are not careful.  For Microsoft the new activity is added of a accident instead of the new CEO. The new activity can account barter to not assurance the new way that Microsoft is branch and not buy it. Losing barter is a huge risk. The Caterpillar accident is absent in stocks growth. The ambition will charge to be for both companies is to acquisition a way to get aback on top.  References Jamal Carnette, CFA. (2017, December 6). 3 Risks Microsoft's Management Wants You to Know. Retrieved from https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/12/06/3-risks-microsofts-management-wants-you-to-know.aspx Stock Traders Daily. (n.d.). Risks In Caterpillar Are Very Clear. Retrieved from https://seekingalpha.com/article/2415145-risks-in-caterpillar-are-very-clear NEED FOLLOW-UP RESPONSE - ONLY 2 - 3 PARAGRAPHS WITH 1 REFERENCE

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