6–8-page Microsoft Word document    Hurricane Katrina Preparedness The two above assignments in this advance will amalgamate to aftermath an  in-depth assay of the preparedness, communication, mitigation,  response, and accretion allocation amid the assorted accessible assurance and  private breadth organizations complex in Blow Katrina. It will additionally  include a abundant appraisal of the Adventure Command Arrangement (ICS)  process used. These assignments accord you an befalling to administer the  concepts discussed in this advance to a real-world incident. You will appraise the emergency administration action acclimated during  Hurricane Katrina, and you will accommodate your own thoughts and account for  improving the system. Your opinions and thoughts charge be accurate by  resources such as peer-reviewed journals, books, or aboveboard accessories on  government websites. Carefully appraise your sources of information. This aboriginal above appointment requires you to appraise the accomplishments and  policies at appointment above-mentioned to and afterward Blow Katrina’s landfall.  This appointment should absolute 6–8 pages of argument and awning the afterward  points: Background Identify the agencies amenable for emergency accommodation and response. Describe (don’t aloof identify, but describe) the breadth impacted by Katrina. Assume your clairvoyant does not apperceive about this incident, and accommodate the  background all-important for a clairvoyant to accept the assay that will  follow. Definitions Define key agreement that will be important to the compassionate of your  analysis. Demonstrate your compassionate of agreement such as hurricane,  levee, and storm surge. Hurricane Katrina Describe the storm, specifically. What fabricated this storm so special? Pre-existing vulnerabilities in Louisiana. Many accept that the  damage from Katrina would not accept been so astringent had the bounded areas  been bigger prepared. Assess the accompaniment of address above-mentioned to Katrina’s landfall and altercate any accurate vulnerabilities. Describe the ICS process Include advice pertaining to the elements of preparedness,  communication, mitigation, response, and accretion allocation amid the  various accessible assurance and clandestine breadth organizations accurately  involved in Blow Katrina. Be abiding to abutment any assessment statements or evaluations with well-documented facts.

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