Assignment 1: Altercation Question: Effective Questioning By the due date assigned, acknowledge to the altercation catechism assigned Submit your acknowledgment to the adapted Altercation Area. Use the aforementioned Altercation Area to animadversion on your classmates' submissions and abide the altercation until through the end of the module. Discussion Question Jacob, a 13-year-old male, is bent annexation a hoodie at a bounded administration store. Security bedfast Jacob and alleged the police. Jacob was again interviewed at the bounded badge station. His parents were alleged and abounding his account with the detective. The detective asks Jacob, “Why did you booty the garment? Didn’t you anticipate you would be caught? What did you anticipate your parents would say? Why did you do such a brainless thing?” What do you anticipate is amiss in this scenario? What do you anticipate Jacob is feeling? What do you anticipate Jacob’s nonverbal behavior would exhibit? If you were the detective, how would your questions differ? Give an archetype of three questions you would accept presented Jacob. What blazon of account action would you accept used? In what blazon of ambiance would you conduct the interview? Respond to at atomic two alternative posts and cite, as appropriate, the online course, the textbook, and alternative credible, bookish sources to actualize the credibility you are making.

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