M2 Assignment 2 Submission

Based on the acknowledgment you accustomed on your acquiescence from aftermost week, abide a revised abstract of your cardboard with this added information: Five added references that could be acclimated for your analysis cardboard and accommodate a 1-2 book description for anniversary of the bristles added references, acknowledgment how they fit with the analysis affair and the analysis catechism proposed. Make abiding that these references appear from bookish sources application Argosy's library resources. A  very abundant outline of what you would like to awning in the intro/lit analysis of your paper. Address it as an outline and anticipate about what you appetite anniversary branch or area to cover. Paste your references into anniversary area area the advice from that commodity applies to the topic. Below is an archetype of the outline although the references accept not been pasted in yet: Introduction or Statement of the Problem (e.g. Predictors of Abasement in Men) Research question (E.g. What factors adumbrate abasement in men? For example, age, conjugal status, ancestors history, stressors). Why is it important/implications  (E.g. xx% of men are depressed; beneath acceptable to seek treatment; if we can analyze who is at risk, may be able to absolute them to analysis sooner) Revised antecedent based on acknowledgment from the instructor Review of the Literature (the afterward is an archetype for aloft topic): Brief description of depression, symptoms, and any different affection for men (Cite accessories from which you will access this information). How boundless is it? Stats on abasement in accepted but additionally stats on abasement in men (Cite accessories from which you will access this information). List factors that put men at accident for abasement (Cite articles). Difficulty communicating ache or anguish (Cite articles). Job/work pressures (Cite articles). Demographic characteristics (Cite articles). Relationship amid age and abasement (Cite articles). Relationship amid conjugal cachet and abasement (Cite articles). A 1-2 folio description of the sample you would like to use for your study, that provides the acknowledgment to the afterward questions: What sampling address would you use? Does the sample generalize to the population? Explain why or why not. What admittance belief would be used? What exclusion belief would be used, if any? What ethical issues ability be encountered back accession your advice from this sample? Be abiding to additionally abide all your ten references (the bristles from aftermost anniversary and the bristles new ones you added) in an APA-style advertence page. Be abiding to additionally accommodate an APA-style appellation folio with your submission. Your cardboard should be at atomic 2-3 pages long. Make abiding you address in a clear, concise, and organized manner; authenticate ethical scholarship in authentic representation and allegation of sources; affectation authentic spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Submit your appointment to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. All accounting assignments and responses should chase APA rules for advertence sources. Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsProvided bristles added authentic references and explained the acumen abaft their selection.20Discussed the sampling address for the proposed abstraction and included the aspects of generalization, inclusion, and ethical issues as requested in the assignment.25Provided a abundant outline of the intro/literature analysis area of the paper, forth with revised hypothesis.25Included an APA-style appellation folio and advertence folio (with at atomic 10 references).10Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; approved ethical scholarship in authentic representation and allegation of sources; displayed authentic spelling, grammar, and punctuation.20Total:

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