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Marketing 48-Hour Report: The Adornment Industry – Affluence Watches Section 2 – Accumulation Number 7 Accumulation Members: 250556161 250517768 250572192 250568255 250582064 Executive Summary Rolex is currently adverse a botheration in their cast accession in the U. S. affluence watch market. In the years afterward the 2008 recession, Rolex’s competitors Breitling and Omega accept outpaced them in bazaar allotment growth. This abode aims to assay the affidavit abaft this abatement and to accommodate a advocacy for Rolex to acknowledge position as the bazaar leader. Our industry assay shows that admitting adversity from the sales abatement during the recession, the affluence watch bazaar  has regained a beforehand amount of 7% afterwards 2010. The acute antagonism aural the industry and accretion acceptance of adaptable phones for timekeeping accept acclimatized consumers’ preferences for watches. The ambition bazaar of the affluence watch bazaar consists of flush males with academy apprenticeship  and alive lifestyle. They apperceive affluence wristwatches as a allotment of adroitness that represent their character and socioeconomic status. The adversary assay depicts that in the affluence watch market, although Rolex has accustomed its acclaimed angel as the bazaar leader, it has not accomplished able business strategies and not acclimatized to consumers’ needs and desires. In contrast, Omega has responded to changes in consumers’ preferences and Breitling has acquired its amount cast angel to abduction added bazaar share. Our abbreviate appellation recommendations for Rolex circumduct about acclamation the current, accepted chump about-face to automated watches, as able-bodied as acclimation realigning their business to be advanced adverse with thetowards the 35-44 age class of a decade ago, but to the 35-44 class of today. This involves blame their accepted Daytona band as able-bodied as award a beginning new cast agent such as Orlando Bloom. In the continued term, Rolex needs to affix to the adolescent chump articulation and fix their accepted angel of actuality a anachronous or grandfatherly watch. They additionally charge to acknowledge faster to bazaar trends and advantage their position as the industry baton to set trends instead of actual acquiescent in the market. We acclaim they alpha a Rolex assembly club and to alpha hosting absolute contest targeting the flush adolescent macho army to body their approaching chump base. Intro This abode analyzes the affluence wristwatch articulation of the adornment industry in the U. S. , accurately the cast accession of Rolex as compared to the their competitors Omega and Breitling. In contempo years Rolex has not kept clip with alternative companies in the affluence watch industry in agreement of trends, angel and ultimately bazaar share. Omega’s bazaar allotment has been trending upwards accepted (World Watch Report, 2012) and Breitling in accurate has aloof accomplished a co-branding attack that positioned them in afterpiece antagonism with Rolex in the U. S. and added bazaar allotment by an absorbing 8% (World Watch Report, 2012). By allegory the adornment industry, ambition segment, absolute competition, and the strengths and weaknesses in Rolex’s aggregation and brand, this abode provides recommendations for Rolex that will admonition to reposition the cast to anamnesis bazaar allotment in the U. S. affluence wristwatch market. Industry: Best adornment awash in the U. S. is alien (“Jewelry Retail”. 2011), and the affluence wristwatch articulation is bedeviled by Swiss watchmakers. The Swatch Group, owners of Omega, are the better and alone accessible Swiss watch company. They attempt alongside a aggregation of able clandestine companies. The bazaar leaders in this affluence class are Rolex, Omega and Cartier and amalgamate for a (global) bazaar allotment of 41% (World Watch Report, 2012). The accomplishment of the adornment industry, comprised of architecture adornment and apart chunk (45%), watches (13%), gold adornment (10%), and black gemstone adornment (8%), is acerb activated to the accomplishment of the abridgement (INSEAD report, comment adornment industry beta = 1. 8). Adornment sales are additionally awful seasonal, with the majority of sales accident the the fourth division arch up to Christmas (“Jewelry Retail”. 2011),). The 2008 recession and consecutive abridgement of chump aplomb led to an about 14% sales abatement in the industry from 2008-2010. This in about-face impacted the administration channels of abounding adopted watch brands in the U. S. , as abounding of the abate jewellery bazaar watch specialists they relied on went out of business. As the watch brands themselves survived the recession, mainly through surging sales in China, they accept started to booty advantage of their about backbone by aperture their own cast specific food in the United States. Accepting affected the position of both banker and retailer, they will accept added angel ascendancy and academy margins on their own products. In 2011, the abridgement bigger and flush consumers of affluence adornment regained their aplomb and already afresh began spending their money. This admission in appeal has back cone-shaped off in 2012, but beforehand is still accepted to abide (Exhibit 1). The affluence wristwatch articulation of the adornment industry is projected to abound at a amount of 7% per year (Watches in the US, 2012), which is the academy than the accepted wristwatch industry beforehand of 4% (Watches in the US, 2012)) and already again, hardly academy than the adornment industry boilerplate beforehand of 6% (Jewlerry in the US, 2012). Antagonism aural the industry is the primary disciplinarian of accession and change. As the industry is acutely complete and the articles abridgement a patentable aspect that can ascertain them, brands mainly attempt on design, quality, and cast image. Furthermore, adaptable phones with alarm features, which accept saturated 96% of the American market, accept bargain the timekeeping accent of the wristwatch. Thus consumers are alive appear purchasing watches carefully as affluence items or to accomplish a appearance statement. Ultimately, affluence watchmakers charge handle their brands with care, or accident accident to a added constant competitor. Ambition Segment: With abounding similarities amid affluence watch brands, ambition bazaar alternative is paramount. In addition, brands charge accept a bazaar articulation that they can abound with. Though 50% of all flush consumers in the U. S. are age-old 35-44 and 45-54, from a cast disinterestedness angle it would not accomplish faculty to alpha business to aloof the earlier articulation because this is the date area the cast should already accept a accord with the chump (Affluent Consumer, 2009) Therefore, by primarily targeting the 35-44 year old demographic, affluence watch brands are able to authorize acquaintance and acceptance that can body to a accord that will aftermost with that chump as they age. Additionally, by selecting a macho demographic, watchmakers accretion admission to the majority of the flush population. Thus, the accepted ambition articulation amid Rolex, Omega and Breitling are flush males age 35-44 with an aloft boilerplate assets and a aerial socio-economic status. This articulation is annual $316. 25 amateur or about 13. 75% of the affluence watch bazaar (Affluent Consumer, 2009). For the complete breakdown of this articulation value, accredit to Exhibit 2. The about assets of this flush ambition articulation is $75,000 or greater, and can be activated to the apprenticeship accomplished and activity captivated by a majority of this articulation (Affluent Consumer, 2009). Prevalent occupations accommodate managers, architects/engineers/social scientists, and sales representatives, acute at minimum a academy akin apprenticeship (Watch and Clocks, 2006). As affluence watches backpack amount tags of $1000 or more, a ample bacon is a analytical appropriate of this ambition articulation as above salaries annual added disposable assets for affluence appurtenances (Watch and Clocks, 2006). Interests of this ambition articulation accommodate alive lifestyles in aesthetic contest such as golf, tennis, yachting, equestrianism as able-bodied as assay (http://www. rolex. om/) This ambition articulation is awful anxious with cachet and is apprenticed abundantly by appearance and affiliation with a affluence brand. In fact, 53% of this articulation considers artist labels as defining a affluence acquirement (PPT). This not alone illustrates this segment’s adeptness acquaintance of affluence products, but additionally illustrates the likeliness of these consumers acquisitive symbols of wealth. According to WWD, the needs, wants and desires of men purchasing affluence watches are acceptable added focused on technicality and functionality of the timepiece, in accession to its specific brand. The “fashionable consumer” trend absorption alone on artist labels seems to be at the end of its lifecycle. The business by affluence watch brands has resulted in added accomplished barter today who apperceive that a artist cast name does not necessarily beggarly a affection watch. This articulation is in the action of alive into the adept category, as the chump acumen of a fashionable watch is alive appear qualities such as adeptness and craftsmanship, accepting handmade automated movements, and accepting a archetypal or around-the-clock design. Men in this ambition articulation appetite to be apparent as collectors of watches. They absolve aerial amount purchases as “seeking a safe anchorage in high-quality watches”; as an beforehand in adored metals that “appreciate in amount instantly”(Diderich, 2011), rather than a squander of money. This articulation additionally angle affluence watches as a representation of their character needs in appetite for aerial self-esteem. As one affluence watch banker commented: “ you can drive a Ferrari, but you can’t drive it into a lath meeting”(Spitznagel, 2012) This drives these consumers to adeptness the ‘response’ and ultimately a continued continuing ‘relationship’ date of the cast disinterestedness pyramid for their affluence cast of choice. In because the affairs accommodation process, this articulation recognizes cachet and aerial self-esteem as needs annoyed through purchasing affluence timepieces. Afterward this recognition, the admonition chase action commences. As “credibility and adeptness had the greatest appulse on acknowledging acquirement intention”(Gautschi,2005), consumers in this articulation seek able admonition from sales assembly at retail end-points in adjustment to appraise alternatives. Afterward the acquirement decision, availability of epair casework for example, is additionally admired as constant high-quality account throughout the abiding accord with the cast would beat expectations and added strengthen and beforehand absolute post-purchase behaviors and feelings. Aggressive Analysis: Although there are at atomic 40 all-around brands in the affluence watch segment, the better and best absorbing competitors, with the better American bazaar shares, are Swiss. Three absolute competitors in the Swiss affluence watch bazaar are Rolex, Omega and Breitling. Due to the agnate appraisement of these three brands, the chump in the ambition articulation charge generally analyze and baddest one of these competitors. Rolex U. S. A. , Inc. Rolex has positioned itself as the absolute affluence watch cast for those with a aerial socioeconomic cachet that offers a archetypal and celebrated watch which validates their adamantine assignment and accomplishments. Rolex is the best accepted affluence watch cast and holds the better allotment of the US bazaar at 29. 3% (FOOTNOTE THIS CALC). This is a aftereffect of their acceptability as the aboriginal wristwatch to be certified with Class A attention (Liebeskind,2004) and because they accept historically bound their annual assembly admitting aerial demand. To beforehand bendability amid the ambition articulation and the letters of Rolex’s advertisements, 75% of their cast ambassadors are 35 years of age or earlier (Gautschi, 2005). These endorsements portray individuals who accept accomplished success as a aftereffect of adamantine assignment and dedication. The attributes of their ambassadors are willfulness, determination, abstemiousness and the adeptness to excel above boilerplate performance. This resonates with the absoluteness and desires of the consumers who appearance a Rolex wristwatch as the prize; article one gets as validation for their accomplishments. As it has been apparent that 60-70% of individuals who consistently chase golf are additionally those able to allow a affluence watch (Gautschi, 2005), Rolex has congenital able associations with the bold of golf, allotment players, such as Tiger Woods, and bout events. Furthermore, the affiliation with golf ambassadors portray success and assurance in the ambience of a gentleman’s “refined” sport. Rolex is rated as the best adorable cast and has spent $47 amateur on announcement to beforehand this continuing (Thompson, 2012) . Admitting authoritative the better announcement amount in the industry, Rolex’s bazaar allotment beforehand amount in America has beneath from 5% in 2010-2011 to 2% in 2011-2012 (World Watch Report, 2012). This is compared to constant beforehand from Omega and an atomic actualization in the U. S. bazaar by Breitling. Although Rolex has not targeted a altered age group, a new beachcomber of 35-44 year olds accept appear into focus. With needs far altered from that of the above group, Rolex has done little to abode these new needs, wants and desires. Omega Omega has positioned itself as a adult affluence watch cast focused on believability and adroitness that offers those with a aerial socioeconomic cachet a trendy, avant-garde and technically above watch. As of 2011, Omega holds 14. 6% of the U. S affluence watch market-share and attempts to be apparent as a added fashionable and added avant-garde cast than that of Rolex (World Watch Report, 2012). The company’s business is heavily focused on associations with alternative able-bodied accepted brands, bodies and organizations. Although they ambition abundant the aforementioned admirers as Rolex, Omega differentiates themselves through their cast image. The aggregation emphasizes the abidingness of their watches through the affiliation of the cast with the NASA amplitude program, and as the longest continuing official alarm of the Olympic Games. Both of those organizations crave attention and believability of the accomplished standard, while actuality apparent as accurate by these organizations resonates with Omega’s consumers. Recently, the cast has responded to changes in chump preferences by emphasizing the technicality and composure of their watches as well. Association with NASA has additionally been key in this regard, and their cast has enjoyed a cogent aggressive advantage through an endorsement by Neil Armstrong as actuality the aboriginal watch acclimated on the moon. Furthermore, horologist George Daniel, artist of the co-axial escapement, a advocate watch mechanism, became yet addition cast agent and added differentiated Omega from its competitors in agreement of technicality and sophistication. Omega additionally strives to ambition a altered psychographic than Rolex. The majority of Omega’s ambassadors are adolescent males, and their key attributes beset suaveness, composure and hedonism. For example, the Omega has a abiding affiliation with the James Bond enterprise, as both Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig accept been ambassadors for the brand. Added adverse can be illustrated in attractive and the assorted advertisements Omega produces compared to those of Rolex and Breitling. For example, while both companies accept produced able-bodied advertisements, Rolex emphasizes the adversity and closing achievement, while Omega illustrates the amusement acquired of accurate undertakings (Exhibit 3). Breitling Breitling has positioned itself as a affluence timekeeping apparatus cast for those with a aerial socioeconomic cachet and offers able chronographs absorption on attention and aerial accomplishment that cartel men to alive like navigators, aviators, and adventurers. Breitling commands 10% of the U. S. affluence watch bazaar in 2011, ranked fourth abaft Rolex, Omega and Cartier. What is arresting about Breitling is that they accept alone afresh confused into this position, accepting added their allotment of chump absorption by 8% from 2010 to 2011 (World Watch Report, 2011). This admission can abundantly be accustomed to cogent announcement spending in 2010. Second alone to Rolex for spending, the attack formed to body cast awareness, and was accommodating with the barrage of Breitling’s aboriginal branded boutique. (Media scan, & http://search. proquest. com/docview/820311288). Broadly, Breitling’s amount cast emphasizes professionalism with their media angel and artefact design. Originally advised as a cast for aerodynamics instruments on clandestine and bartering planes, the affiliation to technicality is apprenticed home in their slogan: “Instruments for professionals” (http://www. reitling. com). As professionals about use annihilation beneath than the best accoutrement to do their jobs, Breitling’s watches are about accordingly associated with adept craftsmanship. This is predominantly reflected in the artefact architecture of their flagship models, which are decidedly altered from the flagship models by Rolex and Omega (Exhibit 4). Breitling’s best notable agent is amateur John Travolta, who is able-bodied accepted for his clandestine amusement of owning and aerial planes (travolta. com). He is a accustomed domiciliary name, and so helps consumers to chronicle to the brand, as able-bodied as advancement constant cast associations with the abstraction of aviation. Although Breitling has bedeviled the alcove bazaar of flush males whose interests and/or aspirations beset aerodynamics and aircraft, Breitling has broadcast its cast above this alcove class and into the above and added accepted absolute affluence segment. Added recently, Breitling has amorphous to beforehand its amount cast angel of carefully active aerodynamics timepieces to abyssal watches able of assorted functions. Specifically, Breitling has amorphous to position themselves aural disciplines such as sailing, amplitude exploration, underwater diving and best recently, motorsports (luxury watches overview). Best notably, they are partnered with ultra-premium car architect Bentley Motors through the co-branded ‘Breitling for Bentley Motors’ artefact line, which has been the best arresting about-face in Breitling’s business in the aftermost 10 years (Exhibit 5). This captured the authority and exclusivity portrayed by Bentley, appointment these aspects into a comfortable and fashionable timepiece, while advancement Breitling complication (Exhibit 6). Breitling’s accelerated beforehand in bazaar allotment in aloof a distinct year can be abundantly accustomed to two factors. First, changes in bazaar trends and perceptual accouterment of consumers acquisitive watches of a added abstruse attributes (refer to ambition articulation analysis) accept accustomed Breitling an advantage over competitors who are continuing to artlessly await on their cast name to drive acceptance and ultimately sales. As consumers become added educated, they activate to see the amount of a able-bodied made, anatomic and intricate wristwatch rather than one artlessly address a able-bodied accepted name. This bazaar about-face is to Breitling’s advantage, as their amount hypothesis has consistently been alms intricate and abstruse watches. Secondly, Breitling has not been acquiescent in their cast promotion, accepting added their acknowledgment through announcement expenditures that bigger cast equity. It is Breitling’s bendability that helps consumers to not alone become “aware” of the brand, but go through the accomplish of architecture their own different accord with it as well. These two factors accept resulted in the 8% beforehand of Breitling in the affluence watch segment, causing the aggregation to beforehand aloft its competitors Rolex and Omega.

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