Lust for Power; Destruction of Humanity

Lust for Power; Abolition of Altruism “Power”, the accurate acceptation of this chat is “control”. Unfortunately, we are active in a apple area the animalism for ability has resulted in the abolition of humanity. From the lower chic clerks to the industrialists of the accomplished class, anybody is complex in a race, a chase to get to the top. And they are accommodating to use any agency to get there. Leg affairs has become a ability now a days, no one can abstract anyone else’s success. Everybody is addled by this ache for attaining power. Take any one; a apprentice can do annihilation to get an A in his finals, alike if it may absorb alienated his adolescent students’ work. A country can go to absurd extents to get to the top, alike if has to booty bottomward addition country and annihilate abundant of innocent people. In our country, “Pakistan”, we are activity through the aforementioned phase. Every day we see T. V shows area politicians are active shouting and yelling, blaming alternative politicians, angry aloof to get ability and get a authority of our country’s treasury, or at atomic what’s larboard of it. No one absolutely cares about the people; anybody is aloof absorbed in authoritative their own lives better. We kill, we destroy, and we aching the animosity of alternative human’s, aloof to amuse our hunger. Is this what we accept been taught? Are these our moral and amusing ethics? Is this what our Religion has guided us to do? No it is absolutely adjoin everything. But we are all too active cerebration about our wants and we balloon that we are humans. We accept figuratively angry into cannibals. If this keeps up, actual accurately man himself will become the acumen for the afterlife of his own self!

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