200 words Todd Patterson, a 33-year-old bedmate as able-bodied as ancestor of an adopted babe from Uganda, is a appreciative gun buyer who has assorted handguns, shotguns, and two automated weapons.  In this case an automated weapon is authentic as a firearm that continuously fires so continued as the user presses the activate and there is armament in the gun. Todd has no bent record. When he was 17 years old, afterwards accident both his parents in a even crash, he had a brainy breakdown consistent in a six-month institutionalization. Todd lives in the apocryphal accompaniment of Varneyland area he works as a amusing studies abecedary and soccer drillmaster at a bounded aerial school. On a brilliant morning in the adjoining state, a man with a history of brainy affliction enters an elementary academy and kills 3 agents and 10 acceptance with an automated advance rifle. In acknowledgment to this shooting, abounding states beyond the country, including Varneyland, canyon legislation acute the allotment of all automated weapons. As allotment of the allotment process, those gluttonous to annals their automated weapons are appropriate to abide to a brainy bloom accomplishments check. In bushing out the appliance to annals his automated weapon, Todd reveals his above-mentioned institutionalization, but additionally states that he has not had any brainy bloom issues back he was a teenager. When the accompaniment of Varneyland conducts Todd’s brainy bloom accomplishments check, it uncovers that Todd had a analysis of above abasement with baleful tendencies. Todd’s brainy bloom annal additionally acknowledge a history of self-harm. Based on the analysis of Todd’s brainy bloom records, Varneyland denies Todd’s appliance to annals his automated weapons and sends Todd a letter ambitious that he cost his automated weapons or accident bent and civilian penalties. Because Todd refuses to duke over his automated weapons, the accompaniment badge arrest him and allegation him with control of an unregistered automated weapon (a abomination abomination beneath Varneyland law). At his bent trial, Todd argues that the allotment requirements and his consecutive arrest are violations of his Second Amendment rights.  Based on contempo case law, do you anticipate that Todd’s arguments acquire any merit? Please be abiding to accurately altercate contempo case law and how it affects Todd's case.  Please agenda that the contempo 2nd Amendment case law is declared in the acquaint for anniversary 4 amid in the acquaint area of the classroom.  Please agenda that your answers accept annihilation to do with your claimed feelings, thoughts or adventures with these issues. Your answers are based absolutely on the law, accurately antecedent set by case law. Reviewing the anniversary 4 assignment will be actual accessible to you in award accordant case law.

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