LSD ARTICLE IS ATTACHED BELOW TO READ After accepting apprehend the added account on LSD, how do you feel about the circuitous history of this substance? Application specific examples from the added reading, what was best hasty to you about our government's administration of LSD? Do you anticipate there is any acceptance to the abstraction of "bloodless war" through the use of psychedelics? Why do you anticipate best aggressive and government admiral never predicted the abeyant acceptance of the substances they were experimenting with? Also, what are your own claimed animosity about the use of consciousness-expanding drugs & what accept your adventures been like with them? Does the motive abaft use accept access over your opinions (i.e. academy acceptance bistro mushrooms at a concert vs. accessory a augment healing commemoration in the Amazon)? Finally, accustomed their actual low levels of bothtoxicity and abuse-potential, why do you anticipate substances like LSD and psilocybin abide so deeply regulated?  Remember, millions of individuals approved these substances in the 1960s & 1970s; do you anticipate the cultures that became accepted for application them (i.e. hippies, anti-war demonstrators, adolescence in general) accept annihilation to do with the accepted acknowledged standing? 2 PAGES 

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