1.   Musculoskeletal Due on: The threaded altercation will accommodate the apprentice with the befalling to analyze altered topics, allotment what he/she is acquirements with classmates, and accretion accuracy about the content. This appointment reflects apprentice centered absolute learning. The apprentice will: • Apply analytical cerebration through accord of called topics • Engage in anxious address with peers • Incorporate affair altercation into analytic acumen and accommodation authoritative aural the setting Directions: Musculoskeletal • A 72, year old man lived a adequately desk affairs as an accountant. Now that he is retired, he recognizes the charge to be alive to advance his bloom as continued as possible. He is concerned, however, that it is too backward for him to alpha appliance because he has never affianced in such activities. Part 1: • The aboriginal column charge be at atomic 200 – 300 words in length • What encouragement, if any can you accord him? • What suggestions can you accomplish for an exercise program? 2. Appendix C Due on: Ticket to Class • No distinct chat responses (At atomic 200 – 300 words in your response. • Accord questions some anticipation and acknowledgment candidly and sincerely • Accord examples if you accept them • Cite resources • Worth 20 credibility / 5% Scenario: • Your 79, year old changeable accommodating suffered a achievement 6 months ago. She is cared for in her sister’s home. The accommodating is abased for position changes. She is clumsy to acquaint the charge to be turned. She charge be fed at all meals. She has a date II burden abrasion on her sacral area. Questions: • Develop a teaching plan for the ancestors to ensure that the patient’s needs are met

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