Louis Xvi of France and Napoleon

The “little Corsican” Where and back was Napoleon born? What did he do in October 1795? And what appellation did he receive? Under Napoleon as general, the French fought a abiding war in 1795-6 with whom? Read Napoleon’s adduce from Wolloch. What was so ambrosial about Napoleon? What did he offer? What acceding did Napoleon assurance with the Pope in 1801 and what did it say? What was the Civil Code? What did Napoleon do in 1802 to accord himself added power? What happened on December 2, 1804? Considering the French Revolution and what happened to Louis XVI, why is that ironic? According to Bertaud (in red), why was it important that the Pope came to Paris for the ceremony? Click on the Action of Trafalgar. Who was the British baton in this argosy action and what happened to him? Who won the action and what was the acceptation of the aftereffect for Napoleon? What did Napoleon do on June 24, 1812, and why is that his “biggest mistake”? Britain, Russia, and Austria defeat Napoleon and booty Paris in 1813. What is Napoleon’s fate in 1814? What is the ambition of the Congress of Vienna? Where did Napoleon’s final action booty place? Who was the English administrator at the final battle? When and area was Napoleon adopted for the additional time? Why did the bodies of France accord Napoleon a additional adventitious afterwards his exile?

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