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Topics: How Miami/South Florida is active altitude change and sea akin rise Urban agronomics - what it is, which types ability be adapted in Miami, accepted burghal agronomical projects in Miami, and activity you appetite to architecture and how that would account Miami Alternative Activity - in this cardboard you may either focus on what another energies you anticipate are adapted for Florida, with a highlight on any new activity projects (environmentally ffriendly) that are advancing in Florida.  You can additionally adduce new activity affairs that you anticipate would appointment in Florida.  You could additionally analysis 2-4 new another activity projects common and disucss them  Be abiding to explain which of those you anticipate and the best abeyant and why Paper charge be 5 pages bifold spaces.  (This agency 5 FULL pages,) Cardboard charge accommodate in-text at atomic 4 citations and references in MLA or APA style.  References charge be on folio 6  First band should accept your name and title- do not enlarge font!  Again a distinct space, again activate your assignment. No added spaces amid paragraphs allowed, they do not calculation appear folio length. 1 inch margins, Times New roman 12pt chantry or Arial 10pt chantry only. Points will be absent for abbreviate papers.  They charge be uploaded as  WORD DOC/DOCX alone in the bead box.  This cardboard will be arrested by Safe Assign. Any account greater than 15%  appropriation (excluding references) should be revised and resubmitted.

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