Local Area Network for Taylor & Sons Financial Consulting Presentation

  Using your Week Four adroitness feedback, complete the development of a Local Area Arrangement plan for Taylor & Sons Banking Consulting, including the blueprint of the network, user and accumulation access, and aegis recommendations. Add 1 to 2 slides accoutrement your adversity accretion and business chain plan and bend it into the final presentation. Create a boardroom-quality Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 10 to 12 slides account your plan and accumulation your instructor's feedback. Include the following: Flowcharts/diagrams of the concrete and analytic network, and an account of why you would accept to advance the arrangement in the architecture you selected Details apropos the technology bare for your plan, and what allowances that technology would provide Network aegis implementations, including firewall, virus scanning, encryption, etc. A advancement plan for adversity accretion and business continuity Speaker addendum to busy on the key credibility of your plan Title slide Reference slide Format the advertence slide(s) and to APA guidelines.   Review the two Pluralsight modules on adversity accretion and billow computing. Create the following: A 1-page allegory area acceptable for presentation to high administration on the pros and cons of billow computing. Include the banking allowances for affective to the cloud. A 1-page area advised to be apprehend by high administration answer the planning for adversity accretion and how billow accretion has a role in adversity recovery

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