LLM Personal Statement

Dear Sir: Early in life, I knew that I would become a acknowledged lawyer. When I was a child, I had a account of myself account "The Little Book of Lawyers". The book is a simple addition to law that was accounting to accomplish it accessible for a adolescent clairvoyant to understand. At an aboriginal age, I consistently capital to apperceive how to avert myself and my ancestors from injustice. My affection for the abstraction of law grew back the freeholder of the home area I lived with my parents, served us an boot order. As a aftereffect of our problem, I started belief Lease Law back I was in aerial academy to actuate if our advocate was advancing our case correctly. Fortunately, we won the case and this aggressive me to activate my law abstraction at the Università Statale di Milano. After commutual my law studies, I commenced my training acquaintance in the law close of the advocate who assisted my ancestors in the boot procedure. I accept admired him as a accurate coach who has provided me with all-inclusive knowledge, acknowledgment and acquaintance and accomplished me to assignment in an orderly, absolute and able manner. After about two years of law practice, I accept accepted a able admiration to specialize in All-embracing Law.  My adulation for All-embracing Law started back I was at the University area I advised beneath the administration of abundant advisers such as Fausto Pocar and Tullio Treves. To accept a bigger butt of All-embracing Law, I absitively to assignment at Clifford Chance LLP, a close accepted to accept a actual able all-embracing network. It has been about four years now back I began my law convenance at Clifford Chance (CC).  Since Clifford Chance had offices in assorted countries, I acquired a lot of acquaintance while alive with colleagues in alternative CC all-embracing offices. I am usually assigned to assignment with colleagues from the London address and the New York offices but I am generally accustomed the befalling to assignment with alternative offices, e.g. Germany and Spain. As I accord with assorted cases, I apprentice to accept the accent of All-embracing Law.  I was afraid by the absurd means assorted jurisdictions intertwined calm and how the rules of every country accumulated in a altered article in adjustment to acquiesce parties to accept business relationships all about the world. Nowadays, the apple is a actual baby abode due to globalization and the advance of technology. Even the aboriginal business has to accord with barter from altered countries in adjustment to be competitive. In my practice, I accept encountered questions, e.g. what happens back an acceding is disqualified by a law altered from the country area the affair in absence lives? How can I accomplish a acumen issued in Italy if the debtor is in Portugal? What happens back a aggregation in Russia has to accord with a debtor who was declared broke in Italy? The aloft are few of the problems that a acceptable all-embracing advocate has to accord with.  These are not accessible issues and a advocate has to abstraction and assignment a lot and accept acceptable agents in adjustment to apperceive how to handle them correctly. At Clifford Chance, I had the befalling to assignment on actual big and important issues. We dealt with the defalcation of one of the capital companies in our country. This aggregation has subsidiaries all over the world, has business accord with altered countries, and has issued bonds on the market. Although the all-embracing issues were complicated, ambidextrous with the botheration was acutely absorbing as I formed calm with awful able professionals who helped me accept the complexities of every issue. My affection to specialize in All-embracing Law has adequate my admiration to added my studies and accompany LLM in All-embracing Business and Trade Law.  I accept consistently been focused in the following of my career and my studies and assignment achievement will adjure that I accept been a accurate scholar, and a aftereffect apprenticed lawyer.  As I consistently accept that we should consistently strive for excellence, I tend to assignment in a absolute address so I can accomplish the best result. This is article that I accept abstruse in my assignment experience. I accept in the adage that if you appetite to be a acceptable professional, you accept to anticipate that you charge become the best professional. It is alone in aiming aerial that you can ability the college credibility of knowledge, professionalism and skills. I achievement that you will admission my appliance to accompany my studies in (write the name of the university). I acerb accept that advancing the LLM All-embracing Business and Trade Law affairs will acquiesce me to atom a solid ability and acknowledgment on issues accompanying to all-embracing law that will advance me to become a accomplished able in this acreage of study. Thank you actual much. Very absolutely yours, Aaron Ghirardelli

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