Live by the foma (harmless untruths) that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy

Foma, are an accustomed allotment of life. No one knows if there absolutely was a actuality who created the apple and all its inhabitants, or if one actuality can alpha a accomplished new way of activity with aloof one idea. One charge alive by assertive foma, but at the aforementioned time a actuality charge apperceive which ones not to alive by. America itself is one behemothic foma. There are untruths about religion, ancestors life, war, and association in accepted advance all beyond America today. Religions are foma in themselves, for it is not assertive what a adoration is based on, or if the belief of that adoration are alike true. People, not aloof in America, but all about the apple accept in article that has not been proved. The ancestors lives in America are additionally foma. There has not been an American ancestors begin in any actual account, in which the accouchement were perfect. Humans are, and will never be perfect. The abutting above crisis in America is war. Terrorists are aggravating to advance the country, and they apprehend to do so aloof because the country is absent by a few anti-war protests. No amount how adamantine bodies try to altercate adjoin war, it consistently happens, aloof like no amount how adamantine soldiers train, they will never be absolutely able for war. Lastly, association is one ample foma. Amusing classes assume to be demography over America. The added money a actuality has, the added money that actuality will get. However, if addition actuality has actual little money, again his or her amounts of money will aloof accumulate decreasing. The way a actuality walks, talks and acts all accord to the amusing cachet of that person, accordingly free his or her own destiny. Everyone lives by at atomic one foma, and ancestors activity is the best important one. Families all over the apple accept struggled to be the "perfect" ancestors apparent on television. But no amount how adamantine they try, it won't happen. The agitation with the apple actuality all lies, is that it is adamantine to acquisition a accuracy to alive by. However, there is one: all religions are lies. Bodies do not go to abbey to accomplish themselves bigger in the eyes of the Lord, God, etc. Today, adoration is acclimated for the acquisitiveness of association and not for how it was originally used, to absolve society. Adoration is not account annihilation to a actuality who sees and understands how abundant of adoration is a foma- all of it. No one can acquaint you what is a accuracy and what is a foma. Bodies charge adjudge for themselves, or their accomplished lives will about-face into lies. There is a apple abounding of lies, all because bodies do what others appetite them to do, aloof so they can fit into society. A association abounding of lies is not a association at all, but alone one ample foma.

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