Littlefield Executive Summary

Production Planning and Account Ascendancy CTPT 310 Littlefield Simulation Executive Report Arlene Myers: 260299905 Rubing Mo: 260367907 Brent Devenne: 260339080 Miyaoka Scenario, Re: Littlefield Technology Simulation Game: Account Management Executive Summary At the access of the game, we bent there were a few key things that had to be addressed to succeed. The aboriginal was to abstain banal outs which had already occurred in the aboriginal 50 days. We bound confused to abstain banal outs by adopting the adjustment point. We did this afterwards academic calculations at aboriginal to ensure we did not ache anymore banal outs while we did the analyses. Aloft added analysis, we bent the boilerplate appeal to date to accept been 12. 3 orders per day. We anticipation appeal to break about abiding throughout the bold based on the advice provided. The accepted aberration for the aeon was 3. 64 and the assurance agency we absitively to use was 3. 0 (98. 86% certainty). Based on the constant advance time of 4 days, we bare ? 49 kits added assurance banal of 2 x 3. 64 x 3 ? 2 which gave us our adjustment point of 71 kits. Anon afterwards free this, we confused to the EOQ: EOQ=2* 3216*1000. 1* 600 This blueprint gave us our final adjustment abundance of 327, although based on slight appeal fluctuations we had been at 321 above-mentioned to that. Our abutting move was to actuate what machines charge to be purchased and how many. Our action was to get advance times bottomward beneath . 5 canicule and action barter that advance time to aerate revenue. The aberration amid actual at $750/order vs. $1250/order could accept been as aerial as 1. actor dollars over the activity of the bold (218 days) accordingly the amount of new machines was baby compared to the account and the all-embracing acquirement abeyant fabricated it acute to get to the everyman advance times possible. Because all stations were at times operating at full, we knew that all would actualize a aqueduct if larboard to accomplish as is. We could additionally see based on the adjustment assimilation on a accustomed day as compared to their operating arrangement for the assorted stations, that a distinct apparatus added to anniversary may be sufficient. We anon absitively to acquirement machines for all stations assertive this may be acceptable to bead advance times to our target. Anon afterwards purchasing these machines, we afflicted to arrangement #2, and afterwards added ecology we were able to adequately bound change to arrangement #3 afterwards any added apparatus purchases. We monitored advance times and revenues constantly, but at no time acquainted that the acquirement of added machines was necessary. We accept that our acceleration at accepting these decisions made, and the changes put in place, was acute to our closing success. We did see ample drops in banknote back account was purchased but believed that we had done the actual calculations and that we were best to break the course. We did absolutely that until anon afore the time we were to lose ascendancy of the factory. We looked at several altered strategies to ensure banal was accessible throughout the aftermost 50 canicule of the bold and that we got bent with basal account at the end of the game. The aboriginal plan was to adjustment acceptable account and assurance banal and backpack it through, but aloft alteration our adjustment point, we bound accomplished that we had aback adjustment 350 kits immediately. This affected us to change the action slightly, we bargain the adjustment point to about advance times based on the bendability of the appeal and assurance stock, and affected the units we would require, added abundant to ensure that we did not adjustment kits anon above-mentioned to the shutdown. If this plan had formed perfectly, we would accept concluded up with 51 kits in stock, but that would accept appropriate that the appeal during the aftermost 50 canicule be college than the average. This could accept happened based on accepted deviation, but as it turns out the circadian boilerplate appeal for the aeon was absolutely 12. We concluded up with 182 kits remaining, acutely added than we had hoped, but we did not get bent with an outstanding order, or a huge cardinal of units. In cessation we concluded the bold in aboriginal abode and accordingly would change actual little about how we played the game. We would accept been able to abate the account on duke at the end of the game, but the axiological action of accepting advance times beneath . 5 canicule and maximizing revenue, and our alertness to assurance that the calculations fabricated would advance to best acquirement admitting times back we alone from first, accustomed us to win this game.

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