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   Rostam did the appropriate thing, but for the amiss reasons.  King Kai Kawous knew of Rostam's vulnerability through his adapted ego and he acclimated it adjoin him to get the aftereffect he capital out of Rostam. The King knew Rostam would not angle actuality angered and accounted anemic in advanced of many. Therefore, King Kai Kaiwous accuses him of actuality afraid of a baldheaded boy and Rostam reponded with: “Fear hath never been accepted of me, neither hath Rostam alone the din of arms, and I abandon not because of Sohrab, but because that contemptuousness and insult accept been my recompense." (Ferdawsi 23)             This is the account he hath fabricated as to why Rostam should not alleged a hero, because he alone did it to prove to others that he is the best warrior and through acrimony by blame of  the King. He was not at the war because he wants to assure his bodies or his land, he was alone angry for himself.  The account is somewhat fabricated to be a anathema due to Rostam's shortcomings and arrogance. Rostam never visited his son Sohrab for over 10 years of his life, if he did, he would've accepted again how he looked like.  He bamboozled Sohrab to escape his own death, but unbeknownst to him he dead his own son, alike admitting he asked him anon in added than one break if he was absolutely Rostam. Works Cited Ferdawsī. Shahnameh : The Persian Book of Kings. New York :Viking, 2006 You accept to apprehend " Shahnameh, “The Account of Sohrab”  to acknowledge to this altercation catechism in 100 words

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