Literature Review

 Summary of appointment  • Task: The multiple-source commodity asks you to amalgamate the arguments of at atomic 10 sources   • Length: 2000-3000 words  • Format: APA  • Sources: a absolute of at atomic 10 sources, all of which should be from bookish journals or aboveboard barter journals. You should acquisition your sources through library searches. o If you adduce sources from websites or accepted journals, these sources should be in accession to the 10 sources you accept cited from bookish or barter journals.  • Topic: Social Media and College Students. It is recommended that you focus on or aggrandize on the commodity that you wrote for Social Media and College Students. You will abide with the affair you accept called and will conduct added searches in the library databases, hopefully focus the affair more, and actuate the 10 or added sources to use in this essay.  • Integration of Sources: At atomic eight sources charge be cited in the anatomy of the essay. You may adduce sources in your accession to advice you ascertain terms, and you may adduce sources in your cessation to advice you absolute the clairvoyant to added inquiry. However, the anatomy of the commodity should amalgamate at atomic eight sources.     In the amalgam essay, you will focus your analysis efforts in a accurate area, conceivably as a acknowledgment to what you begin while autograph the annotated bibliography and in amalgam the four-source and six-source essays. You will again conduct added analysis and amalgamate your allegation in this abstruse review. Amuse agenda that the annotated bibliography, the four-source essay, and the six-source commodity represent a adventure in your research. You ability adjudge to apathy several of the accessories you analyzed in the analytical annotated bibliography or in the afterward two essays because they don’t allege to the specific breadth on which you accept absitively to address your multiple-source abstruse review. You ability baddest one commodity that you analyzed in the analytical annotated bibliography, attending up the accessories cited in that article, and “snowball” your analysis in that way. In alternative words, this action is a recursive one. You ability acquisition affidavit to hone in on and attenuated your affair alike added afterwards you accept accounting the annotated bibliography.     How to adapt the multiple-source essay:   You will bisect the commodity into categories. Each chic will be labelled with a heading. In adjustment for you to see this abstraction with a real-life example, you can admission a sample amalgam or abstruse analysis from a attitude apprentice by beat here. The apprentice writes her cardboard on the afterward topic: Emotional Eating: The Perpetual Cycle of Mood-Food Influence. She divides her abstruse into the afterward categories, which are acclimated as headings throughout the paper:     •Influence of Mood on Eating Behavior  •Gender Differences   •Influence of Eating Behavior on Later Moods  •Chronic Stress Acknowledgment Network   Notice how she synthesizes and integrates the analysis into the altered categories, labelled by headings.               Strategies in Developing Categories     When you accept focused on your topic, actuate how you will bisect the literature. In alternative words, accede the afterward examples we declared above:     You may accept researched studies in bent amends and begin that there are capricious opinions on how to acknowledge to bent behavior amid youth.     You ability bisect the cardboard as follows:     Introduction Body   •Category 1: “A” appearance on responding to bent behavior.   •Category 2: “B” appearance on responding to bent behavior.   •Category 3: “C” appearance on responding to bent behavior.   •Category 4: “D” appearance on responding to bent behavior.     Conclusion     Point of appearance   For this essay, you will use third-person point of view.  Please do not use aboriginal being point of appearance (e.g., “I,” “me,” “we”) in autograph this essay.   In addition, amuse do not use second-person point of appearance (“you” or “your”) in autograph this essay. For example, instead of “Smith argues that, as a director, you accept a appointment to alike cybersecurity efforts...” you would write, “Smith argues that admiral accept a appointment to alike cybersecurity efforts…”   APA Appearance   The cardboard should be formatted in APA style. The video How to architecture your cardboard according to APA appearance ability be accessible to watch. In summary, you should beam the following:   • Use one-inch margins.  • Double space.   • Use admeasurement 12 Times New Roman font.   • Accommodate a active head.   • Accommodate folio numbers.   • Accommodate a appellation page.  • Accommodate a “References” folio on which you account the accessories in APA appearance   • Do not accommodate an abstract. This cardboard is not continued abundant to accreditation an abstract. Submitting the assignment: You will abide a aboriginal abstract of the commodity to the appointment folder. The aboriginal abstract will not be graded. The adviser will accommodate comments to it. Afterwards accepting comments from the instructor, you will abide a revised draft. The final abstract will be graded.   Helpful Resources   • Graff, G. and Birkenstein, C., They Say / I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Autograph with Readings. This affiliate in in the e-reserves of our class. It mentions assorted techniques to administer in advertence what an columnist said and your acknowledgment to the author. It is recommended that you apprehend through that affiliate so that you ability administer these techniques to this essay.   

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