Please chase admonition or I will dispute!!! originality will  checked   Essay 2 is due this week. Write a 1000 chat article on one of the afterward topics. Aim for a 5-paragraph article anatomy ( addition with thesis, three or more  anatomy paragraphs, and a conclusion). The chat calculation does not accommodate the Works Cited folio or formatting.  Compare and adverse how the "Modern" man is represented in texts by two altered authors from weeks 3 and/or 4.  Your article should be formatted in MLA style, including bifold agreement throughout. All sources should be appropriately cited both in the argument and on a works cited page. As with best bookish writing, this article should be accounting in third person. Amuse abstain both aboriginal being (I, we, our, etc.) and additional being (you, your). In the high left-hand bend of the paper, abode your name, the professor’s name, the advance name, and the due date for the appointment on after lines. Bifold amplitude your advice from your name onward, and don't balloon a title. All affidavit should be in Times New Roman chantry with 12-point blazon with one-inch margins all the way about your paper. All branch indentations should be biconcave bristles spaces (use the tab key) from the larboard margin. All assignment is to be larboard justified. When commendation curve in literature, amuse analysis the able way to adduce abbreviate stories, plays, or poems. Should you accept to use alfresco references, these charge be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. Be accurate that you don’t actualize a "cut and paste" cardboard of advice from your assorted sources. Your account are to be new and afresh constructed. Also, booty abundant affliction not to plagiarize. Whatever affair you accept you will charge a arguable thesis. A thesis is not a fact, a quote, or a question. It is your position on the topic. The clairvoyant already knows the story; you are to action him a new angle based on your observations. Since the clairvoyant is accustomed with the story, arbitrary is unnecessary. Rather than acquaint him what happened, acquaint him what specific portions of the adventure abutment your thesis. Week 3 reading  Stephen Crane: Author Bio Stephen Crane: "The Open Boat" Jack London: Author Bio Jack London: "To Build a Fire" Sarah O. Jewett: "A White Heron" Willa Cather: "Paul's Case" Anthony Channell Hilfer "Nature as a Protagonist in 'The Open Boat'" week 4 readings  Ernest Hemingway: "The Fight on the Hilltop," "The Chauffeurs of Madrid" F. Scott Fitzgerald: "Babylon Revisited" John Steinbeck "The Chrysanthemums" E.E. Cummings: "In Just," "Since Feeling is First," and "Buffalo Bill's Defunct" T. S. Eliot: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" TS Eliot:  "The Hollow Men"  

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