literature review draft (annotated bibliogrpahy attached below)

Topic: The Use of Tobacco  The abstract analysis builds on the annotated bibliography. For the affair you chose for your annotated bibliography in Module 2, complete the following: Go through your annotated bibliography. Based on the advice presented in your annotated bibliography sources (and others if needed), ascertain a botheration account that, in your opinion, would be advantageous and applied for you to investigate. Organize your sources by allocation and classifying their allegation in a allusive way, consistently because your aboriginal affair and problem. Write a abstract analysis that would assume to action the greatest abeyant for developing a acceptable abstract framework, application seven to ten references. All of these can be from your annotated bibliography, or you can use others in accession to those in your annotated bibliography. Develop the abstract framework accumulation its basal functions as discussed in the text.  Generate a set of testable hypotheses based on your analysis catechism and the abstract framework. Your address charge accommodate the sections categorical below. APA formatting standards charge be followed throughout. The cardboard does not accept to be lengthy; conceivably 500-600

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