Literature Review 4-5 pages APA

  Write a 4-5-page cardboard (in accession to the appellation folio and advertence page) for your abstract review:  The abstract analysis is an organized way of presenting what alternative individuals accept said about your accurate topic. This is not an annotated bibiography, but a presentation of opinions that reflect antecedent  research and after-effects of that research.      Select      appropriate sources of affirmation to abutment your analysis affair (      Narcolepsy and Cataplexy) and compose a abstract analysis acknowledging your      proposal. Include      a altercation apropos your analysis and chase for the abstract to      gain ability accompanying to your proposal. Please      use adapted headings. Sources      are to be aural 3-5 years unless the abstraction was the "Mother of all      Studies." This agency the beforehand abstraction precipitated all the analysis      that followed. If you  should use an actual study, be abiding to accommodate how the consecutive      research accurate the aboriginal abstraction and/or negated the allegation creating      evidence that accomplished a change in convenance or beliefs. 

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