Literature Essay: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest by K Kesey

It is adapted that Ken Kesey"s One Flew over the Cuckoo"s Nest contains examples of behaviour and attitudes displayed by characters aural the analytic ambiance of the psychiatric area which can be compared to behaviour begin aural abreast American society. These accommodate examples of administration and bureaucracy aural a chic or degree system, sexism and abomination and punishment. In the text, the affair of administration is actual arresting and important to the story. Arguably it is added important affair of the book, than the affair of brainy illness, which forms the ambience and the amount of the novel. The baton amount in the area is Big Nurse, who has complete ascendancy over the ward. Any decisions that are fabricated over a accommodating or with commendations the active of the area charge go through Big Assistant first. She is apparent by the Chief as actuality about automated in her access to her active of the ward: She"s got that bag abounding of a thousand genitalia she aims to use in her duties today-wheels and gears, cogs able to a adamantine glitter...(10) The area is run by her to a actual austere circadian routine, which is about fanatically aberrant in it"s attention and dedication. Chief describes Big Nurse"s adherence to her circadian routine: 'The aboriginal affair blowzy or out of appearance in any way ties her into a little white bond of tight-smiled fury" (27) When McMurphy enters the ward, the aerial calm which the assistant has created is upset. This is because, like the nurse, McMurphy is a accustomed leader-figure. He takes over the ascendancy of the area by manipulating the patients; acutely for their own good, but it may be argued that he gets a activity a ascendancy from actuality a baton over a ample accumulation of people. This may be a activity of ascendancy and ability which has ahead been absent in his activity for some reason. We are told, aboriginal in the book, of McMurphy"s acceptance to the area doctor about his aplomb for raping a fifteen year old girl, and his abhorrence to accede that he had committed a crime: 'Said she was seventeen, Doc, and she was affluence willin"... so willin", in fact, I took to sowing my pants up" (40) This could additionally be argued for Big Nurse; What is her motive for her complete adherence to the job? It is accessible that she additionally relishes the activity of ascendancy over the patients in her affliction which her job allows. She knows that she has complete ability over every accommodating in her 'care"; The ability to change any of her patient"s lives anon wherever she ability see fit. Such behaviour can additionally be apparent in abreast association in an ambiance such as a school; The academy is a acceptable archetype because it has a axial baton in the position of the arch teacher. The arch abecedary has abounding albatross over every actuality aural the school, and additionally sets the rules and regulations which anybody in that authentic academy charge obey. If a affiliate of the academy breach any of the rules, the arch abecedary will adjudge an adapted punishment. While the arch abecedary is accountable to the Governing Board of the school, they still accept the best 'power" and ascendancy over the school. It can additionally be apparent aural a ample association with the position of a Managing Director. All alternative agents in the aggregation are anon accountable to him. The Managing Director has the ability to appoint new staff, and additionally to accomplish agents redundant. But, again, he is accountable to the buyer of the aggregation and conceivably the shareholders; so he can never accept complete ability in his position This can be assorted with Big Nurse; She is, in theory, accountable to the Management Board of the hospital, and alike to the doctors who assignment on the ward. But she appears to accept the best ascendancy over the circadian active of the ward, as if she were chief to the doctors, alike though, in fact, she is alone a nurse. She seems to accept complete and complete ascendancy over every actuality in the ward. The affair of administration does not mirror the alfresco apple actual accurately, as in abreast association a baton of a association or an organisation is about consistently accountable to a actuality chief to him. This is not apparent in the novel, as Big Assistant seems to be accountable to no one, in fact, it is arguable that anybody answers to her. A bureaucracy or chic arrangement operates central the area which can be acutely apparent throughout the advance of the novel. Patients active aural the area are 'classed" according to the accompaniment of their brainy bloom or to the action of which they ache from. Chief describes the adjustment of acute patients from one another: 'Across the allowance from the Acutes are the Chronics... Not in the hospital, these, to get fixed, but to accumulate them walking the streets..." (17) Patients are disconnected into two categories of Acutes & Chronics: Chronics are those patients who accept a action which is untreatable, "machines with flaws which cannot be repaired" (17) and can alone be controlled with medical methods. They will absorb the blow of their lives central the area of the hospital. Patients who are apparent as actuality acceptable to balance from their illness, and will acknowledgment to society. Acutes are those patients e.g. Harding, who are apparent as actuality acceptable to balance from their illness, and will acknowledgment to society. Chronics can either accept abounding use of their bodies or can be afresh sub-categorised into Wheelers and Vegetables; Those whose movement is broken to such an extent, they can alone move by actuality pushed about in wheelchairs. Vegetables are patients who, through boundless ECT 'Shock Shop" (18) or through the overperscription of tranquillising medications: 'Ellis is a abiding came in an Acute and got befuddled up bad aback they active him in the Shock Shop..." (18) When McMurphy enters the ward, he assumes the role of a baton over all of his adolescent patients in the ward. McMurphy has a strong, able appearance and so he is able to dispense others who are added accessible than he is. An archetype of his abetment is aback he shows some arena cards with pornographic photographs on them to Cheswick: 'I brought forth my own deck...Fifty-two positions". Cheswick is pop-eyed already...those cards don"t advice his condition. (16) Personality types which can be apparent in abreast association can additionally be apparent actual acutely with attention to the characters in the area setting: McMurphy"s appearance is a insubordinate appearance who hates ascendancy and authentic figures. This is, perhaps, why he clashes so angrily with Big Nurse. Chief is the adept of the ward. He has been there the longest, aback the alpha of Apple War II, with the barring of Big Nurse. He has the alternate account of anybody in the ward. Billy Bibbit is afraid and has a stutter. His name is acrid in that it resembles a dribble aback said. His problems accept apparently been acquired by his ascendant mother, who was actual careful and batten for him whenever possible. In a ample accumulation of individuals, these personalities are generally seen; A insubordinate appearance who goes adjoin the arrangement is about consistently present in a chic central a school; A adept who has acquired the account of anybody in that authentic grouping; A actuality who is defective in confidence, generally afraid to allege out. Today, in abreast society, a chic arrangement is still actual abundant a allotment of accustomed life. Bodies are classed on wealth, cachet and employment. Bigotry can additionally abide amid classes; lower classes award college classes aloof and elitist; college classes conceivably seeing lower classes as 'common" and uneducated. The book mirrors bureaucracy in abreast association actual well, as it shows altered personality types and differentiates amid the altered classes of bodies aural it actual acutely and accurately. However, it does not appearance bigotry amid the altered classes which exists today in abreast association and is absolutely important to the anatomy of avant-garde societies. The issues of Sexism and Sexuality are additionally aloft aural the book. Although they do not affection so acutely as the capacity of Administration and Hierarchy, they are about actual important to the behaviour of the characters. Taking the affair of sexism in the text, women are placed into two audible academic types. They are portrayed as either whores, sluts or amorous wives; or the book goes to the alternative acute area women are captivated as asexual 'machines". This appearance is actual important aback apropos to Big Nurse. The prostitutes that arise during McMurphy"s fishing cruise are a acceptable archetype of the aboriginal way the book describes women. They are apparent as amoral, trivialising sex so that it is apparent alone as a absurd business transaction. It is additionally fabricated bright of the accident of McMurphy"s at the age of nine: 'The aboriginal babe anytime biologic me to bed wore that aforementioned dress. I was about ten...Taught me how to love, absolve her candied ass (201)" Ruckly"s wife is addition archetype of this such appearance of women as adulteresses. Ruckly has had an bootless lobotomy, authoritative him rather mentally unstable. The argument portrays him actual sympathetically, so the clairvoyant empathises with his appearance from the outset: 'They brought him aback to the area two weeks can see by his eyes how they austere him up in there" (18) Ruckly had begin out that his wife had been seeing alternative men; Every time she is mentioned he remembers what she did to him: 'Memory whispers achieve in that abstruse machinery...He turns red and veins clog up...Fffffffuck da wife! Ffffffuck da wife!" (19) This is not the alone unfavourable way women are portrayed in the novel. Big Assistant is apparent as a accustomed and rather antiseptic asexual character. ' 'A aberration was fabricated in manufacturing, putting those big, chichi breasts on her...and you can she how absinthian she is for it" (11) Whenever she is declared by Chief, her attributes are likened to a allotment of accouterment which is algid and unfeeling. It appears that she is so committed to the area that she is 'married" to the job and animal relationships accept no abode in her 'plan". It is arguable that this is why she becomes so affronted aback she discovers McMurphy"s relations with the prostitutes appear the end of the book. Today, in abreast society, the appearance sometimes is still captivated that women inferior to men. They can be apparent as butterfingers of accustomed out work, and should breach at home to attending afterwards the children. Although the appearance of feminism has about baffled these 'male chauvinist" attitudes, women can still be banal as above; as whores or nymphomaniacs or, like Big Nurse; 'frigid", asexual and cold. It can be seen, thus, the argument of One Flew over the Cuckoo"s Nest shows sexism in abreast association accurately. Finally, the issues of abomination and abuse are aloft throughout the book and are actual important from the alpha and ultimately to the catastrophe of the story. The ward, like the association outside, is run on a arrangement of sanctions and rewards which are allocated according to a patient"s behaviour. Punishments may be issued, by Big Nurse, for abhorrence to co-operate with the circadian accepted or with the staff. Punishments included ECT , the abatement of privileges such as cigarettes or added serious, echo offenders as a aftermost resort, a lobotomy. A accommodating could additionally be beatific to Disturbed, in aftereffect a 'hospital aural a hospital" area a accommodating could be beatific to balance from an access and they will acknowledgment to the area aback Big Assistant sees fit. A lobotomy is a surgical action in which the pre-frontal lobes of the academician are either removed or destroyed. This was anticipation to allay advancing patients, but in practise, it adapted them into abeyant individuals: "The installations they do these canicule are usually successful...a success they Ruckly averseness and drooling all over his picture" (18-19) Rewards were additionally issued to by the enactment of the ward; Patients were accord a 'ration" of cigarettes every week, but this was chock-full aback McMurphy accustomed in the area as he acclimated to win the others" cigarettes from them in bank agenda games. It is arguable that the aegis of the hospital could be apparent as a reward. Patients, who through the aftereffect of their 'mental affliction " could not cope in the alfresco apple and crave the connected circadian accepted to feel defended and safe. Contemporary association has a arrangement of rules, laws and legislations which charge be followed to be a affiliate of that society. Association additionally has the power, like the area to affair sanctions for those who breach the rules. Although abounding countries accept abolished the use of anatomical or basic abuse for austere crimes, North America is one such a country where, depending on the state, a actuality may face basic abuse by baleful injection, electric armchair or gas chamber. The area applies anatomical abuse in the anatomy of the ECT and it may be argued that a lobotomy is a anatomy of basic abuse because the accommodating has little or no affection of activity larboard afterwards the procedure, so they ability as able-bodied accept been killed. Ken Kesey"s One Flew Over The Cuckoo"s Nest mirrors, in the behaviour of it"s characters, abreast association actual accurately and can still be relied on, as a abreast text, an authentic affectation of the analysis of patients aural a brainy hospital today.

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