Literature discussions

Please apprehend and advice me to address 2 responses(1-2 sentences) on the afterward discussions :  1. Question was  Does Kincaid's biographical advice acquaint her assignment in "Girl"? If so, how? Someone’s answer: Kincaid's biographical advice informs her assignment in "Girl." Her adventures shows that Kincaid was the alone adolescent until she was the age of nine. During this time, she was adored by her mother until her brothers arrived. Actuality a girl, her accord with her mother changed. She accomplished from actuality a adolescent who depended, but her amount beneath because she was a girl. This apparent the alpha of the narrator in "Girl," advertence the things the Kincaid is declared to do and how she is declared to do them. For instance, "this is how you adamant your father's biscuit pants so that it doesn't accept a crease. "This Is to appearance that these are roles accepted of her back she was a girl. It shows the abounding tasks that she was now accepted to handle back she was grown. 2. Why do you anticipate the columnist chose to appellation this piece, "Girl"? i anticipate the acumen why Jamaica Kincaid titled the allotment 'Girl' because it seems that a woman would already apperceive how to accumulate house, cook, apple-pie and accept able etiquette. The instructions were airish in such a way that it implies that a mother was giving instructions to her own babe on how to be anatomic in society.

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