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  Here are the exact instructions from the professor:  For your final project, you will be accidental to a blog on the affair of postcolonial assay in the 21st century.   Initially, the appellation “postcolonial” was activated to abstract basic in after-effects of ability from ahead colonized regions of the apple (1950s-1990s). Nonetheless, the furnishings of those colonial relationships are advancing alike today. This blog is committed to accession examples of accepted texts (1990-2015) that could account from postcolonial analysis. These ability be instances of film, television, announcement (i.e. branding), amusing media, music, video games, and accurate spaces, as able-bodied as added acceptable forms of literature.   A blog (short for weblog) is a amalgam anatomy of autograph originally acclimated by journalists, but added afresh adopted by academics to “test-drive” some of their theories and experiences. It is a alloy of claimed absorption and analysis. Blogs act as agenda portfolios that advertise assignment and ability of concepts and accord in a association of practice. Because of their accessible nature, they can be aggregate as autograph samples for approaching career accomplish as well.    An ethnography is a abstraction of bodies and cultures. So for this project, you will be absorption on the bodies of the 21st aeon world. As a multimodal anatomy of amusing media, a blog incorporates elements of beheld design, sound, video, and interactivity to allure admirers accord and engagement.   Think of it as an befalling to affectation your acquired ability and advance the account accomplished the discussions of the literature.  Blog Resources:  •Ethnographic Blogging: •Why I Blog:  Sample Blogs:  •Hybridity in Postcolonial Literature: •Postcolonial Agenda Humanities: •A Brief History of Postcolonial Literature: •Andrew Simile Postcolonial Abstract Blog:  Your Final Activity acquiescence charge accommodate three specific sections:  Summary: Provide a arbitrary of Postcolonial theory. What is it? What is it anxious with? How is it a apparatus for attractive at the apple today? Why is it important? Consider back and how it emerged as a academy of anticipation and accord accurate examples to ballast your explanations. The ambition of this area is to authenticate your command of the approach and reflect on its advised purpose.  Reflection: Choose the Postcolonial affair that has best resonated with you this term. Discuss yourself and your adventures in affiliation to that theme. Be specific, demography your absorption above accepted observations. The ambition of this area is to authenticate in what means the theories accept been accordant to your activity or accept acquired you to reflect on your experiences.   Application: Locate two (2) 21st-century texts that you acquisition able for Postcolonial analysis, and accomplish a blunt assay of each. What capacity emerge, and what are the letters about those themes? How does the approach brighten your acquaintance of the text? The ambition of this area is to booty the approach above the texts to analyze how the concepts administer to the apple about us. 

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