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Nature, as apparent and depicted by Walt Whitman in “Leaves of Grass” is all-inclusive and across-the-board in its grandeur, like a behemothic cine screen, area he unloads scenes aloft scenes of admirable vistas in active color.   If it were a affected performance, he would actualize abundant scenes of ballsy accommodation : majestic skies, billowing waves, aureate fields of atom extending to the horizon.  They would be the exact adverse of the apathetic seascapes captured on canvas in Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”.  Describing the sea, Whitman writes: Behold, the sea itself, And on its limitless, bouncing breast, the ships; See, area their white sails, bellying in the wind, speckle The green and blue, See, adusk and undulating, the continued pennants of smoke (33.30-37). To Whitman, attributes perpetually calls absorption unto itself, but man commonly ignores it or is not acute abundant to apperceive its charms.    Thus, the artisan always exhorts the beholder to catch the adorableness advance afore his eyes. For him, a blade of grass is “no beneath than the adventure assignment of the stars” and that “the active blackberry would beautify the parlors of heaven”(31.1-8). As in theatre, the artisan conjures images to actualize moods as would clothing his purpose.   Whitman’s balladry overflow with robustness and activity as he writes about the antecedents of a new nation abrogation the altar of their homes to acclimatized the abundant frontiers.  In the action he is afflicted by the arresting adorableness of the outdoors as able-bodied as the abundant cities and industries congenital by man’s labor. If his average were a blur screen, Whitman would appear up with august takes of canyons and sunsets and chastening in Cinemascope, of addle herds agriculture the plains, interspersed with the acrid auto of industry.   Back Whitman hears America singing, the songs he hears are those of active apprentice as they go about their circadian tasks. For him, America is one all-inclusive theatre with the American accepted man as hero.  For him, activity consists of “Victory, union, faith, identity, time,/ The bounden compacts, riches, mystery,/ abiding progress, the kosmos, and the avant-garde reports”.  (Book II. 2.4) These are abstruse terms, ambiguous and incomprehensible, but the clairvoyant follows the cilia of his thoughts back the artisan writes about “sturdy blacksmiths accepted their sledges”, “cheerful axemen, wielding all day their axes”, and of “how the ash writhes beneath the able-bodied arms” of oarsmen on the lakes  (33.39-43).   For Walt, commonplace things in attributes become the actuality of legend. Nature is additionally a accepted affair in a ballet performance.  Because no curve are spoken, the admirers await on the setting, the music, and the accent of the bodies in motion.   That there is no chat seems to enhance rather than backbite from the performance, for the dancers themselves with their acutely effortless  leaps, twists and turns, their adroit abounding motions acquaint the story; no words are necessary. Sometime ago I had the befalling to watch a ballet achievement at the Metropolitan Opera House.  The acquaintance was fascinating.  It afflicted on me the adorableness of the animal anatomy in motion, so continued immortalized in composition and marble, but added usually ignored. The archetypal ballet Apollo, area the sun-god is offered the ability of poetry, ball and music, began with the date decked in atramentous with addictive music in the accomplishments to actualize a black mood.   The ballerinas, clad in allegory white, were apparent audibly on date as they anecdotal one of mythology’s constant tales. Jeu de Cartes was a avant-garde ballet that featured poker hands, anniversary actuality confused until the aftermost agenda became a aristocratic flush.   Avant-garde and actual lively,  Jeu de Cartes was actual entertaining. Petrouchka, a archetypal Russian ballet, fabricated use of abundant apparel and accessories and four changes of scene.  Set in a Russian village, it fabricated use of puppets and costumed characters. Watching a ballet achievement makes one acknowledge the amazing assignment and assets bare to date it.   It additionally makes one apprehend how admirable the animal anatomy is, how adroit its gestures, its attenuate abounding and gliding motions, as it tries to actor activity or abduction its essence, in the aforementioned way that an artisan tries to alteration the colors of dusk into canvas, or a artisan his ruminations about activity into rhyme. The poet, like the ballet dancer, tells a adventure by the attenuate use of words, of symbols, of accustomed things that arena a alarm in the reader’s mind, or bang a ambit in his heart.    The casting of a ballet and its creators additionally ability out to an admirers by the use of movement synchronized with music in the bosom of an adapted ambience to ascertain mood.  In both arts, acknowledgment and amusement are the aloof rewards. WORKS CITED Whitman, Walt.  Leaves of Grass.     <>

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