Readings:  Maggie Nelson, “Great to Watch” Martha Stout, “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday” Azar Nafisi, “Selections from Account Lolita in Tehran”  Rough Draft (4 pages) due Wed. 11/20 (bring 2 cardboard copies to chic for Peer Review and upload To Canvas)  Final Draft (5-6 pages) due Wed. 12/4 (upload to Canvas) Question for Writing:  Azar Nafisi reflects on her adventures as a woman active in Tehran beneath a absolute regime. In secret, with a baddest accumulation of changeable students, Nafisi and her chic analyze the apple of banned abstract as a anatomy of brainy attrition adjoin their accident of freedom. Considering the account and capacity of Martha Stout and Maggie Nelson, advance a apriorism that investigates how these concepts may acquaint our account of Nafisi’s memoir. Capacity accommodate (but are not bound to) the account of abstract brainy states such as break and imagination; the role of abandon in the media; and the conception and canning of self-identity.  Remember:  Connections amid authors are not alone parallels, but accommodate complications, contrasts, frame-case relationships, etc. A affection Expos article has circuitous connections! 

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