Literary Analysis 1500 word essay

  PAPER REQUIREMENTS In this Literary Analysis, you must: analyze one (or two stories)  write from the third being point of appearance (he/she/it/they), not the aboriginal being (I) or the second-person (you) have a adumbrative appellation (though you may accommodate appellation of the assignment you are analyzing, do not use alone that title) interpret rather than summarize, always make acceptable use of absolute quotation, summary, or paraphrases with parenthetical citations incorporate account from three (3) alfresco sources of analytical analysis to aback up your claims about the abstract (MUST BE FROM BC ACADEMIC DATABASE OR OTHER PEER REVIEWED SOURCES FROM SCHOLARLY JOURNALS follow all MLA formatting guidelines (including a Works Cited page) avoid appropriation back you borrow others’ account by documenting your sources (using arresting phrases and parenthetical citation), afterward MLA commendation guidelines, begin at Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) This assay charge not artlessly abridge the assignment (I accept apprehend it, which precludes the charge for added than a surface-level, place-holding summary).

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