Writing Assignment #2 The Four-Source Essay: Basic Synthesis Summary of assignment • Task: The four-source article asks you to amalgamate the arguments of four sources. • Length: minimum of 1000 words. The adviser will accord you comments on the aboriginal abstruse and let you apperceive if you charge added development above 1000 words. • Format: APA • Sources: four sources, all of which you will acquisition through library searches. You will baddest a affair of your choice, conduct searches in the library databases, focus the topic, and actuate four sources to use in this essay. o Amuse use alone four sources. Amuse do not absorb added than four sources into this essay. Articles to Use for the Essay For this essay, you will baddest four accessories on a affair of your choice. The accessories should be on the aforementioned affair but affection altered perspectives, opinions, or abstracts about some aspects of the topic. For example, if you are majoring in cybersecurity, you ability locate four accessories about the charge for bigger training for advisers on adaptable aegis issues. The four accessories ability booty altered angles on the topic, conceivably alike antagonistic in some respects. To use accession example, if you are majoring in bent justice, you ability locate four accessories on the CSI Effect. The accessories should booty altered perspectives on the topic. Conceivably one or two of them say that the CSI Effect exists and one or two say that it does not exist. Or conceivably all accede that it exists but they all booty hardly altered approaches to acclamation the problem.  Organization for this Article You will address an anterior branch with a apriorism statement. Your apriorism account will authenticate what the assorted sources say on the topic. You ability use the Forrest Gump exercise as an example, although accumulate in apperception that that article was accounting in a beneath bookish appearance than you appetite to use for this assignment. You will additionally accept assorted anatomy paragraphs that appearance synthesis. In synthesizing sources, you will bisect your cardboard into themes. For example, let us accept that you acquisition four accessories on the charge for bigger training for advisers on adaptable aegis issues. In this situation, accept that the four accessories accent altered issues. One emphasizes the costs of abstracts breaches to companies. Accession emphasizes affidavit that advisers do not convenance safe cybersecurity practices. Accession discusses methods for training employees. Accession mentions costs of training for such initiatives. You ability bisect the cardboard into two categories: • Affidavit for implementing a training affairs • Methods of and costs complex in implementing a training affairs Point of appearance For this essay, you will use third-person point of view. Amuse do not use aboriginal being point of appearance (e.g., “I,” “me,” “we”) in autograph this essay. In addition, amuse do not use second-person point of appearance (“you” or “your”) in autograph this essay. For example, instead of “Smith argues that, as a director, you accept a appointment to alike cybersecurity efforts...” you would write, “Smith argues that admiral accept a appointment to alike cybersecurity efforts…”  APA Appearance The cardboard should be formatted in APA style. The video How to architecture your cardboard according to APA appearance ability be accessible to watch. In summary, you should beam the following: • Use one-inch margins. • Double space. • Use admeasurement 12 Times New Roman font. • Accommodate a active head. • Accommodate folio numbers. • Accommodate a appellation page. • Accommodate a “References” folio on which you account the four accessories in APA appearance • Do not accommodate an abstract. This cardboard is not continued abundant to accreditation an abstract. Submitting the assignment: You will abide a aboriginal abstruse of the article to the appointment folder. The aboriginal abstruse will not be graded. The adviser will accommodate comments to it. After accepting comments from the instructor, you will abide a revised draft. The final abstruse will be graded. Accessible Resources • Kennedy, M.L. and Kennedy, W., “Synthesis,” from Autograph in the disciplines: A clairvoyant and address for bookish writers. This affiliate in in the e-reserves of our class. It provides an accomplished description of an basic amalgam essay, a abstract review, and a thesis-driven amalgam essay. • Graff, G. and Birkenstein, C., They Say / I Say: The Moves that Matter in Bookish Autograph with Readings. This affiliate in in the e-reserves of our class. It mentions assorted techniques to administer in advertence what an columnist said and your acknowledgment to the author. It is recommended that you apprehend through that affiliate so that you ability administer these techniques to this essay.  

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