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Given the reasearch questions " Can affiliation of arts in the class advance apprentice assurance amid chief students?" use the adapter to add 2 added references. They charge to be accessories or newspaper. Not addition book. See the agenda below: 10 references including our 2 textbooks.  The abstract analysis appointment should focus on references that accurately allege to your analysis catechism and topic, which 8 of your references do.  If you add 2 added sources alternative than our textbooks, I will add points.  Find at atomic 5 bookish account articles, 2 books, and 1 website that detail analysis or advice about some aspect of your affair (these numbers are a minimum; to accomplish the accomplished credibility possible, go above the minimum by accepting at atomic 10 absolute references in at atomic 3 altered mediums -- i.e. account articles, books, websites, bi-weekly articles, argument studies, etc). Journal articles:  Kuh - Apprentice engagement Lawless - Integrating technology Umbach - Apprentice acquirements and engagement Appleton - Apprentice engagement Gullatt - Arts and gains Hetland - Arts and bookish achievement Books: Carini - Apprentice assurance and learning Altrichter Sagor Newspaper: George - Arts - Washington Post

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