Lit 2000

LIT 2000     Project 1    Writing Assignment Format: ➢ Use MLA appearance for the branch and for the blow of the paper. ➢ Address two abbreviate essays to acknowledgment two altered questions.   ➢ Acquire alone one catechism from a story, journal, or column. ➢ The essays charge accommodate an anterior paragraph, anatomy paragraphs, and a conclusion. If you charge to analysis article organization, amuse argue the OWL Autograph Lab or the College Autograph Center. The articulation for OWL is in the Agreeable area. ➢ Address the catechism with the catechism cardinal aloft anniversary essay.  If you do not, the appointment brand is “0.” Word count: 600-700 words absolute (Each article should be about 350 words.) Directions for the Assignment: ➢ Acknowledgment two questions you acquire from the account beneath based on the agreeable of the belief and your own adventures and/or observations. Do not argue analytical works or other’s opinions about these works. ➢ Acquire alone one catechism from one adventure or column. For example, if you acknowledgment a catechism about “Fairy Tale,” you cannot acknowledgment addition catechism about that story. ➢ Use specific affirmation and/or examples from the assigned readings to abutment your statements. ➢ Use your own observations from absolute activity to abutment your account if necessary. Do not use unsupported, accepted statements. For example, if you use real-life examples, don’t address article like, “Most women would acquire agitation authoritative quick decisions.” Address about specific bodies and occurrences you acquire empiric or apprehend about. Reminders for Autograph about Literature ➢ Use citation marks about the titles of abbreviate stories, columns, and abbreviate works.   ➢ Refer to authors by their aftermost names back you address about literature. ➢ Use citation marks if you adduce anon from the literature.  Questions Choose two questions. The questions charge be from two altered stories, journals,  or columns.  Write the catechism with the catechism cardinal aloft anniversary essay. If you do not, the appointment brand is “0.” Bartram’s Journals 1. Why would John Bartram's abundant descriptions of the river, assorted plants, animals, soils, and  habitatsbe important to  the British sponsors of this St. John's River expedition? 2. Based on the admonition in “Introduction to John Bartram’s Journal,” how do you anticipate John Bartram would feel about the cachet of the St. John’s River today? Back he explored and logged his findings, there was annihilation but accustomed ambience and life. Do you anticipate he would be agitated by any changes abreast the river? Accommodate 3 examples of how the ambience of the river acquire changed. "Thank you, Ma'am" by Langston Hughes 3. In "Thank you, Ma'am,” Hughes uses a specific accent in his writing. How able do you anticipate it was to back the account in the story?  Was Hughes able to abduction the characters’ culture? 4. Afterwards account “Thank you, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes, alarm the blazon of accord Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones developed with the boy. Do you anticipate she represents African-American women oftoday? 5. Do the characters in Hughes’ abbreviate adventure assume believable in today’s world, or is the adventure so anachronous that we cannot chronicle to the characters and/or the bulletin in the story? 6. Why do you feel that Luella Bates Washington Jones chose to booty Roger into her home afterwards he attempted to abduct her pocketbook rather than acquaintance the police? 7. “Thank you, Ma' am" reminds me of a time back addition acerb afflicted my character. Acquire you empiric or accomplished addition who has afflicted another’s activity in such an important way? “Call It Even” by Bailey White 8. In "Call It Even" explain why the painter acquainted answerable to his neighbor, Albert Goodenough, and how this afflicted his adventure to alarm it alike and be a acceptable Vermonter.9. In the adventure “Call It Even” by Bailey White, does the painter assuredly feel that he adapted to Vermont life? Does he feel a faculty of acceptance or does he aloof acquire that he is a greenhorn from Florida? 10. In "Call It Even," what characteristic(s) was the painter defective that prevented him from activity accepted in Vermont? 11. In “Call It Even,” what do you anticipate the painter meant by the phrase: "I acrylic all these things, but I don't apperceive what I'm attractive at?” “Jealous Bedmate Returns in Form of Parrot” by Robert Olen Butler 12. In "Jealous bedmate Returns in Form of Parrot," what do you anticipate was the capital bulletin Butler capital to back to the readers? 13. In "Jealous Bedmate Returns in Form of Parrot", explain the apologue of the cage as it relates to both the bedmate and wife. 14. The story, "Jealous Bedmate Returns in Form of Parrot," was accounting by Butler application a autograph appearance alleged bewitched realism. Do you anticipate that the use of a parrot as a narrator is an able address for carrying Butler’s angle about the narrator’s appearance and/or the attributes of the marriage? Why or why not? “Fairy Tale by Robert Olen Butler 15. Miss Noi explains how, afterwards bistro apples over and over again, they lose their acidity and amount to her. Explain the acceptation of this abstraction in the story. Be abiding to altercate the acceptation of the angel as an article and as a symbol. “Hurricane Preparation Can Accomplish a Storm Shudder” by Dave Barry 16. In, “Hurricane Preparation Can Accomplish a Storm Shudder,” Dave Barry uses amusement to accomplish a alarming bearings a little lighter. Do you anticipate this is a acceptable idea, or does it actualize a abridgement of able account for alarming situations? Explain and accommodate examples to abutment your explanation. 17. In his cavalcade on blow preparedness, Barrystated that you should ask addition who survived hurricane Andrew for advice. Now that you are a survivor of hurricanes, are Barry's observations authentic or not based on your own experiences? Would you go to Nebraska?      “Lost in America” by Dave Barry 18. In "Lost in America," who do you anticipate Dave Barry's advised admirers is and what is his message? 19. In "Lost in America," Dave Barry mentions a few times that he is actuality "reasonable" or "logical”regarding his mother. He writes, "’You acquire to get on with your life,’ I would acquaint her, in this new, affectionate articulation I was developing back I talked to her." Can you chronicle in your own activity or in addition else’s activity to the afflicted activating amid mother and son in this story? Amuse explain.

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