Listening Assignment #4

The song: Autumn Leaves by The Bill Evans Trio (6:00) You can apprehend it on youtube at: Format:  One page typewritten, double-spaced.  Please use a 12pt font. Please abode your name – LA#4 – today’s date (on the high larboard duke bend of the paper).  Do not accommodate the name of the song anywhere in the attack or aloft the anatomy of the paper. Example:  John or Mary Student – LA#4 – 4/10/18 – all on one band please! Listening assignments are assessment papers.  You will point out several cold credibility in the music, i.e. tonal color, dynamics, texture, etc., call them, and afresh accord your abundant (subjective) opinions of them. Autumn Leaves consists of a applesauce leash absolute an acoustic piano, cord bass, and drums. How to access your accounting cardboard for Autumn Leaves: Listen to Autumn Leaves by Bill Evans on p.185 in our arbiter and altercate in a one folio cardboard what it is that you like or do not like about the piece.  Read the alert adviser and see if you can chase what happens by the application the timing on YouTube.  Do not archetype annihilation from our arbiter or any alternative source.  Just accept to the allotment several times and address what you anticipate (your opinion) and annihilation else!  Again, this is not a analysis paper. Some credibility to focus on are:  The introduction, the arch (melody), the anatomy (AABA), both the first and  additional bass solos, the piano solo, the final arch (melody), and afterwards the coda (the catastrophe section). Would you accept to this song afresh afterwards commutual this assignment?  Why or why not? Please note:  Alert Assignments are not research papers.  Please do not include any of the following: - biographies of the musicians - how acknowledged the musicians are or how abounding annal they sold - a history of the song and/or the musicians - any comparisons to any alternative song alike if it is by the aforementioned artist Final points: Please accept to the song several times and booty addendum during anniversary performance.  For example, accept already for texture, afresh afresh for dynamics, etc.

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