List of food service equipment

  Having authentic a allocation of your card and amplitude allocation, you will now actuate the accessories the operation will need.  This allotment of the activity involves two parts: Preparing a list [8-12] of the accessories all-important for your planned facility Identifying specific manufacturers and models for pre-preparation, final preparation, and ware-washing equipment. For allotment one, you will actualize a fractional account of accessories for your planned facility.  The equipment list should be based on your card and advancing appeal for assorted aliment items. Specify and explain how card items will be accompanying to specific equipment. You may charge to additionally actuate agreement and altercate how attempt of architecture will affect accessories layout. Ease of Sanitation and Ease of Supervision are examples.  For allotment two, you will use the Internet and bell-ringer websites to identify specific manufacturers and models of accessories acclimated aural pre-preparation, final preparation, and ware-washing. By exploring the manufacturer’s web sites, you can baddest the specific models you admiration for your project. The autograph should present amount comparisons for comparing and selecting the appropriate accessories for your project.  You will charge to baddest three [3] pieces of capital accessories for your planned operation and complete an Accessories Specification Worksheet [also begin beneath "Resources" on chic website aeronautics list].  These blueprint will be added to your certificate as appendices.  The accessories agenda will charge to accommodate the afterward elements; Equipment schematic. Based on the blueprint developed in appearance two, appearance the breadth of anniversary allotment of accessories in the kitchen breadth only. Number anniversary allotment of accessories on the schematic to actualize an accessories key.  The arbiter has several examples that can be acclimated as a archetypal for this accessories key; pages 36, 41, 42, and 46 are a few.  Provide blueprint for three pieces of accessories (can use the Accessories Specification Worksheet) Equipment blueprint and costs. Using Internet and bell-ringer or manufacturers' websites, accumulate sample specifications  Establish accessories budget Annotate costs for equipment, furniture, and fixtures Do not be anxious with the countless “additions” – such items as discounts, bales charges, insurance, assurance costs, and so on.  Assess sustainability Highlight and absolve opportunities for "green" practices in affiliation to selecting equipment Explain if and back you ability be able to install blooming practices or accessories at a after date if currently clumsy to Optional: Analyze sustainability using National Association of Foodservice Accessories Manufacturers (NAFEM) research and sustainability calculator tool: affiliated here.  The additional and third elements should be presented in article form.  As with antecedent phases, the aloft elements do not represent the framework or outline of the writing. These are alone elements that charge be addressed as if presenting to investors or partners.  Writing Guidelines Written communication: Written advice is chargeless of errors that backbite from the all-embracing message. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) appearance and formatting. Length of paper: Actual breadth will be based on assessing what advice is all-important and what is extraneous.  You will charge to actuate what you charge to acquaint after abacus "fluff" and acceptable all articular elements from the instructions are addressed area and back applicable. 

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