Create an Agent Chic with the afterward properties: First Name Last Name Street Address City State Zip Create a sub chic for Managers which inherits from the Agent  Class.  The Administrator chic will accept the afterward added properties: Cost Center Supervisor Create a sub chic for Developers which inherits from the Agent  Class.  The Developer chic will accept the afterward added  properties: Developer Type  (Script, .NET, Mobile, etc.) Supervisor Tax Blazon (W2, 1099-Contract) Load agent advice from a argument book called by the user into an arrangement consisting of Managers and Developers.  The architecture of your argument book should be article like this: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Agent  Type (Manager or Developer), Developer Blazon (NA if manager), Cost Center  (0 if Developer), Supervisor, Tax Blazon (NA if Manager) There should be a abstracted band for anniversary agent (only one band per  employee with the fields above) and your book should accommodate at atomic 7  - 10 agent records.  You should save the book with a .txt or .csv  extension. The UI should acquiesce the user to baddest how abounding annal to appearance  (start at 3 of anniversary blazon Administrator and Developer and acquiesce up to the absolute  number of annal loaded). The afterward requirements detail the analytical elements that will  determine the allocation belief for your submission.  Please see the  rubric beneath these requirements. The appliance should abridge and run successfully The appliance should affectation Inheritance (Steps 1 - 3 above). The appliance should acquiesce the user to amount a argument or csv book for processing (Step 4 above). The appliance should amount the argument book elements into an arrangement of agent annal (Step 4 & 4a above). The appliance should affectation annal from the array.  The cardinal  of annal to affectation should be called by the user.  (Step 5 above). Your appliance should accommodate comments to explain the abstracts and action breeze of your code.

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