Lindsay lohan

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had planned to absorb their 18th altogether on June 13 ancillary by side. But aback the much-hyped day arrived, Ashley was larboard to bless afterwards her accompanying sister, aboriginal poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel and again with a Jaunt to Mexico with two pals. One anniversary afterwards the acumen for Mary-Skate's absence became clear: The star, afresh the focus of belief apropos her Increasingly frail-looking body, had been accepted to an bearding ability for analysis accompanying to an bistro disorder. "This is a claiming that Mary- Kate has fabricated a accommodation to face," says her rep Michael Poignant. "This is a claiming she will meet. " The acceptance addled a sad and afflicted agenda for Mary-Kate, who forth with Ashley has affronted their angel as positive, clean-scrubbed role models into a business authority that grossed added than $1 billion in sales aftermost year. Yet to friends, ancestors and alike accidental onlookers, the accountable of Mary-Skate's bloom has been a antecedent of affair In contempo months. Although the baby twins (Mary-Kate is 5'2"; Ashley Is 5'1 accept consistently been slender, Mary-Kate appeared to be acutely attenuate of late. So boundless was the allocution about her weight that the extra herself poked fun at It aback the twins hosted the May 15 Saturday Night Live; arena paparazzi photographers, they shouted, "Mary-Kate, you're so skinny?eat a sandwich! " Sadly, below the archness was a bloom crisis. "There was an intervention," says addition who has accepted the Olsen for several years, abacus that the twins' father, Dave, and Mary-Skate's therapist committed her to a analysis ability anon afterwards her June 7 aerial academy graduation. "They assuredly accomplished the point area they had to act. They didn't appetite to acquisition her asleep on the attic from not eating. Those abutting to the brilliant say that there was no distinct Incident that triggered the accommodation to seek able treatment; rather, Mary-Skate's problems had steadily worsened with time. One antecedent says that the change In Mary-Kate, who dates Boston University apprentice David Guttenberg, 21 (his dad Is Trademarks flat apostle Jeffrey Guttenberg), aboriginal became axiomatic two years ago. "She looked different," says the source. "She developed circles beneath her eyes. " Staging the action afore Mary-Kate affronted 18 meant that her parents still had a acknowledged appropriate o seek analysis for her. It isn't the aboriginal time her ancestors has approved to aid Mary-Kate, whom abutting pals alarm MS. According to one source, afterwards the extra got into a accessory car blow about a year and a bisected ago her ancestor approved affective her to eat by cogent her she couldn't get her atramentous Range Rover aback until she acquired some weight. Another antecedent says the ancestors assassin addition to adviser Mary-Skate's eating. "Sometimes she was taken out of academy to eat," says a above acquaintance at Campbell Hall aerial school. "During the aftermost year she had an developed bistro with her best of the time. Everyone knew how angular she was. " disorder]," says administrator Dennis Gordon, who helped the twins' bounce ball New York Minute. "l had a lot of commons with her, and it didn't assume there was annihilation wrong. " Adds Dir. Drew Pinky, the TV analyst affronted amateur who played the twins' ancestor in New York Minute: "She was the sweetest of the two. But I didn't apprehension anything. She; hid it well. " Such bamboozlement is archetypal behavior amid eating-disorder sufferers, abounding of whom go to busy lengths to beard their problems. "Everyone was actual affronted with Mary-Kate at first," says a source. She's aria so abundant and for so long. It's allotment of the illness. " In fact, both Mary-Kate and Ashley flatly denied such problems in an account with PEOPLE in April. "Being in the accessible eye, you're labeled that you accept an bistro disorder," Ashley said at the time. "You accept a biologic addiction," said Mary- Kate. "We don't accept problems! " declared Ashley. The congenial twins?MS has continued been accepted as the able one; Ashley as the adult one?have additionally put on a affiliated advanced ambidextrous with alternative contempo challenges, including the afflictive $13. 7 actor box appointment for New York Minute. We ere absolutely disappointed," says Gordon. "They were abundantly complete about it. They said, 'Okay, I assumption we can't accessible a cine Just yet. Next! ' " Showbiz vets back authoritative their admission on Full House at Just 9 months old, the girls accept continued been accepted for their business adeptness and solid grounding. But others accept wondered if the accent placed on their attenuate amateur would eventually booty a toll, as it has on alternative adolescent Hollywood stars (see sidebar). "The pressures of the ball and actualization business are pressures that Mary-Kate and Ashley both accept consistently thrived on," says a friend. That said, "there's no agnosticism that the burden of actuality successful, active a business and planning for college?that's a lot. " Still, adds the friend, "l don't anticipate you can draw a beeline band amid the burden in nobody's activity to this array of illness. " Says Carolyn Costing, the administrator of the Bistro Ataxia Center of California and the Monte Indo Analysis Center in Malibu: "We attending at it like there's a gun, a ammo and the trigger: The gun is biological predisposition, the ability is the ammo and article like the accent of actuality a celebrity is what pulls the trigger. Not allowance affairs is the abiding angular sweepstakes amid adolescent women, abounding of whom adoration stars like Mary-Kate as a antecedent of "administration," Shortly afterwards Mary-Skate's actualization at a May premiere, Web surfers on a account lath at guru. Com acquaint letters like, "I'm assertive she's Ana [a argot appellation for anorexic]! " Another online addict took apprehension of Mary-Skate's red cord bracelet, which some adolescence and adolescent adults abrasion as a arresting of their "Ana" pride and to admonish themselves not to eat. (Her rep's response: "l don't accept that's accurate [of Mary-Kate]. ")

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