Lightening never strikes the same place twice

Content: There are abounding misconceptions about accurate concepts that are broadly accustomed by the accepted public. Some capacity accommodate arise your duke account arthritis and it takes seven years to abstract gum. Students are appropriate to analysis a affair of their allotment and address a appellation cardboard on it afterward the guidelines below. For abetment in allotment a topic, amuse argue the internet or your professor. Be abiding to use aboveboard sources back administering your abstract search. One of the sources MUST be a aboveboard accurate antecedent such as Science Daily, Science News or Accurate American. Websites catastrophe in .gov, .edu or .org are additionally abundant resources. Make abiding that all sources are appropriately cited aural the argument and on a References/Works Cited page. Due Date and Submission: Students will complete this appointment and abide an cyberbanking archetype by 11:59 pm on 4/20/18. No cardboard or email submissions will be accepted; this appointment MUST be submitted via Blackboard. The appointment may be submitted early, but NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If a apprentice needs clarification, amuse email the adviser as anon as possible. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS DUE TO ASK QUESTIONS! Grading: This appointment will be graded out of 100 points. For a breakdown of points, accredit to the additional page. Paper Format: Students are accepted to about-face in a minimum of 4-pages. Use double-space, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins on all abandon of the pages. The aboriginal folio is the appellation page. Be abiding to accommodate a artistic appellation and use centermost alignment. The anatomy of the cardboard will be a minimum of 2 pages (excluding graphics). The aftermost folio will be the References/Works Cited page. Failure to accede with architecture guidelines will aftereffect in point deductions. Drafts: The articulacy assignments will be submitted through SafeAssign which is a database that checks for plagiarism. Students are able and encouraged to abide drafts afore the final acquiescence to analysis the percent affinity (plagiarized material). The percent affinity charge be beneath 15%. The adviser will not appearance the drafts unless requested by the student. Guidelines: Be abiding 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) to address a branch anecdotic anniversary of the following: Introductory paragraph a. Introduce the delusion and accord an overview of the paper Describe the misconceptions and why bodies accept it. a. Explain the misconception, why bodies accept the delusion and why it is so widespread. Explain the absolute accurate account of the phenomenon. a. What is the absolute account of the misconception? b. What is the absolute science underlining the misconception? What is your claimed acknowledgment to the topic? a. Describe your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the issue. b. Did you accept the misconception? c. Do you accept it now? i. Support your attitude with facts. Concluding paragraph a. What is the take-home bulletin of the absolute paper?

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