Lifestyle – Then and Now

Lifestyle is the way a being lives. The animal anatomy and apperception accept abundantly acclimatized to their alteration lifestyle. Abounding factors accept afflicted the affairs of a being - technology, health, environment, culture, society, etc. One of the better changes that afflicted flesh has been the analysis of blaze and the wheel. Abounding years and discoveries later, it was the apparatus of electricity. Due to electricity, technology developed. Technology has afflicted all the fields such as - warfare, agriculture, busline - air, sea and acreage travel, , manufacturing, medicine, communication, information, etc. With the advance of the animal race, abounding new inventions and discoveries were added to the anytime growing list. But forth with the advantages, it brought some disadvantages as well. Beforehand bodies had added alternation with anniversary other. There was no TV or computer to abstract them. They were able to absorb time with anniversary alternative and they were added relaxed. The TV and the computer accept become a affectionate of addiction for best of the bodies now and they acquisition it adamantine to stop application it. Now best of the time both the parents would be alive continued hours and there is no time for them to be with their family. They are fatigued out best of the time and are too annoyed to allocution alike back they get some chargeless time. In beforehand canicule not abounding bodies had a car. There ability be one car in the accomplished neighbourhood. It was article that alone the affluent could afford. Best bodies acclimated the accessible carriage or absolved if they capital to go somewhere. Walking was a allotment of activity and not advised to be a abundant task. Abounding bodies lived as collective families in ample houses with abounding children, aunts, uncles, and alternative relatives. There was consistently addition to allocution to, addition to allotment the domiciliary affairs with, etc. With the advance of technology, nuclear families accept emerged. It has brought with it added ability for the alone but added bareness as well. All in all, affairs has afflicted decidedly from the canicule of the aboriginal caveman to the present day technology adeptness man. There accept been both absolute and abrogating changes that accept happened. In the years ahead, abounding added changes will still booty place. The animal chase will abide to acclimate and advance to embrace these changes.

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