Lifespan Development and Personality

Oprah Winfrey’s development as an alone has a actual different and absorbing angle in agreement of Psychological development. Ms. Winfrey is a artefact of an “accidental conception” by her parents. Her mother was a abode maid and her ancestor was a braid miner. At the age of 6 and 14, she was raped and sexually confused by her uncle and cousin. Her mother was generally not about to advice her and adviser her. Ironically, alike admitting she was accepting a adamantine time at home, she still excelled in academy and had scholarship to abutment her education. As a growing child, she was acclimated to abjection and hardships. After the adventure of animal molestations, she was affected to alive with her dad. During these times, Oprah was helped by her dad to focus on her studies. At an age of 18 she won the Miss Atramentous Tennessee Beauty celebration and again after on was accustomed a job at a bounded radio station. Her acknowledgment to media after acquired as she aspired to become a arresting bulk in American Television years later. The armament that fabricated big differences in her activity are her adolescence adventures and ancestors as able-bodied as her adventures in her backward boyish years. The admixture of her bad memories and her acknowledged activity can be accounted on how she managed the anxieties and problems in which she adeptness accept encountered in the action of her adeptness as a person. Oprah can be said to accept a bad ambiance growing up. The way of activity she lived in the abjection stricken places she grew up on adeptness had opened her eyes on the realities of activity alike on  a breakable age. She was not accomplished able-bodied additionally because her mother was irresponsible. Her ancestor helped her to focus on her studies in her boyish years but still had absent out a lot of important years in the adolescence days. Fortunately, she overcame all adversities with her congenital adeptness to be active in her goals. Even admitting she underwent a atramentous appearance in her childhood, she was additionally compensated after on by acceptable apprenticeship and abutment from her father. Emotionally, she adeptness accept called to become depressed and affronted at life. In fact, she showed signs of apostasy at age 14 aback she got accepted but eventually absent her baby. You can see the alteration of her activity as she was guided by her father. She became added focus and bent in life. There was beneath abhorrence in her ambiance as she entered the backward boyish and it helped her to become the being she is today. Today Oprah is accepted to be the acceptable moral blazon of person. She is a philanthropist and helps the beggared bodies in America as able-bodied as alternative genitalia of the globe. Her appearance of chastity can be traced aback to how she saw the injustices in her association in her childhood. The abuse of atramentous people, the activity her parents lived, and the way her classmates fabricated fun of her due to her abjection opened her eyes on what’s appropriate and wrong. Her adeptness today to empathize and ache is absolutely a artefact of her aboriginal duke acquaintance with the acceptable and bad adventures her had. Going aback to her moral and affecting development, I appetite to focus added on the abrogating adventures she had in her childhood. We can see that Oprah went through a lot in her childhood. In Erik Erikson’s access of development, she was at about date three aback her animal agitation adventures happened. This date is important back this is a date area a crisis in a person’s development happens (initiative-guilt). The actuality that ancestors plays the better role in this date makes her added accessible to akin on added answerability than initiative. Instead of allowance her feel bent and apprentice new skills, her ancestors at that time abject her. In her abutting date of development (industry and inferiority), she adeptness had collapsed on added inferiority than industry. This is area she was accepting troubles in academy and starting to insubordinate on her family. She adeptness accept a faculty of “inertia” or inferiority circuitous due to the actuality that she had not able abutment arrangement in her family. Aback “inertia” happens, the boyish usually avoids accomplishing article she was not able or bootless to do appropriately (Boeree, 1997). In Oprah’s bearings she adeptness had accustomed up on architecture acceptable accord with her family. Fortunately she was able to over appear it as time went on and she backward with her father. As she advance on to the date bristles (ego-identity and role abashing crisis), she looked like she was acknowledged in acclimation out the crisis due to the actuality her ancestor offered amusing abutment for her and she was absolute in her studies. This adeptness had giver her acceptable bulk of aplomb to allotment herself to others and to be adequate to be oneself. Her arete in academy and connected acknowledgment to media adeptness led her to advance a acceptable amusing abutment system. Together with her father’s guidance, she had a advantageous abutment arrangement that helped her accomplish abounding goals in her life. A acceptable amusing abutment arrangement of accompany and ancestors is basic in everyone’s advance and aegis in life. After a agitated childhood, she was able to acquisition acceptable affiliation to the apple by her achievement. After on in her life, she was one of the best able women in television and Hollywood. She helped bodies who bare help. She afflicted politics. President Bill Clinton alike singed an “Oprah bill” for the creations of a database of boyish abusers. She opened schools for bodies who can’t allow to go school. She directed her affection of allowance alternative accouchement and victims of catastrophe. She is said to be one of the best aboveboard and affecting Americans in history. Two theories of personality best administer for Ms. Winfrey. Abraham Maslow’s access of heirrachy of needs can advice us accept how Oprah’s ancestry and accomplishments advance through her career and as a person. In her childhood, she was ashore on actual on the aboriginal akin of needs (physiological needs). As she grew older, she was accustomed added and added abutment by her father, colleagues and friends. She was able to ascend up the bureaucracy of needs. By the time she was in her 20’s, she had already accomplished the safety, acceptance and admire allotment of the bureaucracy of needs. Today, she is apparent to advice others and use her accomplished altercation in activity as her apparatus to advice and change alternative people’s lives. She is on a akin in which she is self-actualizing and extensive out to advice alternative back she had already accomplished her own needs. Being in this self-actualization state, bodies who accomplished this usually has the connected admiration to accomplish his abeyant to become added and added of what you appetite (Boeree, 1997). In affiliation to this theory, Viktor Frankl’s access of arete is a acceptable access in her case. Ms. Winfrey’s aching accomplished could accept destroyed her internally and fabricated her a depressed being throughout activity but instead she was able to transcend her acquaintance to article advantageous to the world. She channeled her affliction and adversity to counseling others in her show. She gave moral abutment to women who were abused and accouchement who were in the aforementioned bearings as her.  In comparing the two theories, Viktor Frankl declared that self-actualization is the side-effect of transcendence. In conclusion, the access of arete of Frankl best accounts her behavior. Oprah’s accomplishments and behaviors appear award acceptation in her activity and allowance others can be apparent added of a airy and cocky beneath acts rather than Maslow’s access in which bodies amuse their own self-actualization needs appropriately consistent to allowance others. Oprah over came a lot of adversities and balloon in activity and was able to affected abounding “noogenic anxiety” that adeptness accept appear in her way. She can be said to accept begin acceptation in what she does today. She transforms her life’s adventures and acquaint to article for the advancement of others. References Boeree, C. (1997). Retrieved on 24 April 2008 from Boeree, C. (1997). Retrieved on 24 April 2008 from Boeree, C. (1997). Retrieved on 24 April 2008 from Boeree, C. (1997). Retrieved on 24 April 2008 from Dinh, M. & Murphy, J. (2008). Retrived on 24 April 2008 from Unknown. (2008). REtrived on 24 April 2008 from

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