Life, Meaning, and Vocation

I accept submitted this cardboard already and accept a brand of 85. I charge this cardboard to be graded to  a 100 so that I can advance my brand of A for the class. I accept listed beneath the books and advertence abstracts forth with the assistant comments. Professor Comments: "You do a abundant job of accumulation your antecedent absorption into a actual specific altercation of your Waldorf experience.  Absorption on advance readings would strengthen an already absorbing paper.  The way you booty this absorption into your added career and goals affective advanced is actual effective.  Wonderful!" Course Reading: Leading Lives that Matter: What We Should Do and Who We Should Be  “Must My Job Be the Primary Source of My Identity”, p. 181-187  “Just Work”, pp. 188-191  “Why Work”, pp. 191-195  “The Door in the Wall”, pp. 201-215  “The Sabbath”, pp. 216-221  “Friendship and Vocation”, pp. 229-243 Reference Materials: Kushner, H. (2002). Back all you’ve anytime capital isn’t enough: The                    search for a activity that matters. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Schwehn, M. R., & Bass, D. C. (Eds.). (2006). Leading lives that matter:                 What we should do and who we should be. Grand Rapids, MI:                  Eerdmans. A Bible: Seek a avant-garde adaptation from the aboriginal languages as                    opposed to a adaptation of a translation. Assignment Unit VII Absorption Paper Reflective Writing Assignment 4: “Vocational Comparison?” In this paper, you will analyze and adverse the vocation cardboard you wrote in Unit V with the thoughts and animosity you had at the alpha of your acceptance to this college. Examine your behavior back you started your affairs at this college. Accept your interests, passions, talents, and abilities afflicted over time? How has your compassionate of vocation and of your abode in the apple changed? Do you apprehend altered calls now than you did back you aboriginal started your adventure of college education? Your cardboard should be 500 words and bifold spaced.

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