Life in the Universe: The Significance of Planet X

The Internet is abounding with sites touting affidavit of exoteric activity in the universe; television programs begin on channels with a accurate slant, such as Discovery, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, SciFi, and Nova, analyze the possibilities of exoteric activity on a approved basis; a bulk of books accept been arise by those claiming to accept had abutting encounters with conflicting beings, or to accept witnessed contest that advance the attendance of such. Abounding of these claims accept been accurate counterfeit or misinterpreted, yet some abide persuasive. Currently, there is some acute affirmation that exoteric beings ability not abandoned exist, but ability additionally accept visited our planet throughout history. While a abundant majority of this affirmation can be absolved as the meanderings of the bored, mentally ill, or those absorbed in authoritative money on the naiveté of others, some of it is not so calmly discharged. As far aback as recorded history exists, there are suggestions of exoteric visitations; aesthetic renderings of aberrant altar in the sky, beings that do not attending human, and societies who action at a abstruse akin that defies the development of the era. While avant-garde technology ability allow us affirmation advised added empiric or irrefutable, in the past, no such affirmation could be had. Historically, there are abundant depictions in art that advance an acquaintance of conflicting beings or spaceships. One such painting advantaged The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by the 15th aeon artisan Domenico Ghirlandaio, depicts a aerial saucer blazon article in the sky over Mary's shoulder, and a man with his dog, staring up at it. It seems acutely to be an conflicting spacecraft. Now, while paintings are acutely not the aforementioned as photographs, but abandoned renderings from the anima of the artist, there still has to be some pertinent acumen why an artisan would abode article so odd in his corrective sky. The accessible advancement here, is that he ability accept credible such an object, or the alertness of the time was at atomic partly centered on these things. In 1486, Carlos Crivelli's painting, The Annunciation with Saint Emidius depicts a spaceship that is sending a axle of ablaze to the arch of Mary. But what if acceptance is not the abandoned access against belief? What if accurate abstracts in the anatomy of archeology, astronomy, physics and alternative disciplines point to the accurateness of exoteric attendance on our planet? Abundant hieroglyphs accept been begin that are acutely representations of altar in the age-old sky, altar that advance a technology far avant-garde for the era. The actuality that these altar were aerial at all, was of advance account for investigation. One such abatement abstraction begin in the beams of the beam of the New Kingdom Temple at the Giza Plateau in Egypt, acutely depicts a avant-garde day helicopter, a submarine, a glider or conceivably a amplitude shuttle (Crystal). It would be difficult to explain these images abroad as annihilation alternative than what they arise to be. Delving added into the antecedents for these account leads to assay of avant-garde cultures of the past. The Sumerian ability is one of the best avant-garde cultures anytime known, yet they existed during a time aeon breadth best bodies lived in a archaic fashion. Still, they created abounding algebraic concepts, geometry, algebra, and were the aboriginal to advance the zodiac, adding the blast into the 12 houses; the aboriginal to advance 400 characters of cuneiform writing, and the aboriginal to affectation a complete compassionate of astronomy. "Ooparts is the appellation acclimated to call the purportedly out of abode in time artifacts, toys, tools, abstruse devices, depictions and abstracts which accept appear to ablaze through archaeological blasting or discovery" (Freer). The Sumerians' ability is abounding with ooparts that cannot be explained in any way alternative than they were afflicted by addition breed from a added avant-garde culture. Sumerians recorded a abundant accord of their own history, alike the day to day banal events. It is bright from their annal that they lived amid beings they referred to as the Anunnaki. These beings were purportedly from the bulb Nibiru, and had appear actuality to colonize. This is breadth the Sumerians acquired their absurd ability base, credible in all their artifacts and records. For instance, the Sumerians knew the cardinal of planets and the ambit of the planets from Earth—how? We didn't alike apperceive that until we beatific probes in the 1970's. How could they apperceive so abundant about astronomy? All of this knowledge, though, is accurate by artifacts larboard abaft (AncientX). Religion aside, the approach with the best veracity, additionally seems the best far-fetched: that an conflicting chase colonized our planet bisected a actor years ago, and we are a artefact of abiogenetic engineering and cantankerous breeding. Russian-born archeologist Zecharia Sitchin, not abandoned believes that, but has presented an absorbing bulk of abstracts that would assume to prove his theory. Sitchin was aloft in Palestine, accepting a appalling ability of age-old Hebrew, amid alternative languages, and is "one of the few advisers who is able to apprehend and accept Sumerian" (XFacts). Through abstraction of Sumerian ability and artifacts, he has disconnected calm the actual capacity that explain this conflicting postulate. According to Sitchin, the Sumerians batten of 12 planets in the solar system, adverse to our accepted ability of nine. They counted the sun and moon in that number, so according to them, there is one alternative planet in our solar system. This planet was accepted as Nibiru by the Sumerians, and accepted day references are usually "Planet X" which is a comedy on both the conflicting and the actuality that "X" is the Roman character for "ten," and Nibiru would be the tenth planet, if we abide to abatement the sun and moon as planets. Modern science has apparent that "the animal genome contains 223 genes that do not accept the appropriate predecessors on the genomic evolutionary timberline (Sitchin)" The catechism afresh becomes: breadth did those abstruse genes appear from? Another absorbing indicator is that advance NASA scientists accept there is addition planet above Pluto, based on the disability of Pluto's accumulation to account assertive disturbances in orbit, referred to as perturbances, and wobbling movements of that planet. These movements advance a gravitational cull above Pluto that can abandoned be explained by the attendance of addition ample planet, two to bristles times the admeasurement of earth. Scientists accept additionally afresh put alternating the Orpheus Theory—that a rogue planet collided with Earth, and this created a new adaptation of Earth, and our accepted moon, and additionally explains the asteroid belt, amid alternative things. This approach supports what the Sumerians recorded 6,000 years ago (XFacts), which would advance acerb that the Sumerians had ability of abounding things that cannot be explained alternative than with the ascribe from addition chase from addition planet. This advice alone, should be abundant to absolve added analysis into not abandoned the attendance of a 10th (or 12th) planet, but the achievability that there are alternative lifeforms that accept appear from that planet to Apple in the past, and could do it afresh in the future. Further forth in the celebrated timeline, we accept apparent added actual affidavit to analyze the abstraction of able activity in the cosmos abreast from our own.  In 1938, an archeological dig in the Baian-Lara-Ula abundance amid China and Tibet, produced a accumulating of graves in a alternation of chain caves. On the walls, were pictograms of the angelic sky, affiliated by dots. In the graves, were the charcoal of humanoids that were not like any known. The skeletons had colossal craniums, and short, angular limbs, and all were abundant beneath than normal.  The aggregation associates advised that maybe these were the skeletons of apes, but as the archeologist Dr. Chi Pu Tei reportedly said, "Whoever heard of apes burying anniversary other?" Soon afterward, Dr. Tei, apparent a annular bean in the attic of the cavern which had a altogether annular aperture in the centermost and an engraved band ambagious apparent on the stoneThe aggregation unearthed hundreds of these age-old carved stones active in the attic of the cave, acutely debris of a bodies who lived 12,000 years ago. With a accumulative glass, afterpiece analysis was done of the canal in the stones, which so resembled an age-old phonograph record. It was a record, but not of the agreeable variety, unless you calculation the aberrant accent it fabricated back they afterwards spun the bean on a makeshift turntable. The account (pun intended) was absolutely a connected band of hieroglyphics. In 1962, Dr. Tsum Um Nui began to transcribe the writings, and break them. He discerned that the stones told the adventure of the Dropa, who came bottomward from the clouds in their aircraft" (AncientX). As the adventure went, they were abandoned afterwards a crash-landing, and afore the bounded bodies accepted that they were peaceful, and were repulsed by their appearance, so they bolter them bottomward and alike dead some. The Dropa were clumsy to adjustment their aircraft in adjustment to acknowledgment to their home planet. Today, it is accepted that there are two tribes aboriginal to the breadth who acquire odd anatomical features—larger heads, beneath bodies, bare skin. The bounded belief about these "invaders that came from the sky" matches the bodies begin in the cave. Nui composed a cardboard for acquiescence to the university, apropos the capacity of the Dropa Bean letters but was denied advertisement by the Academy of Prehistory, and he was alike told not to altercate his findings. The University acquainted that the apple could not be told of the adventure of the Dropa, who allegedly came to apple from addition planet in a amplitude craft, crash-landed and were after stranded. But the advice did beg the catechism about accessible birth accepting survived, and the affiliation this advice ability accept with the history of the age-old Sumerians. All cultures back afresh frequently believed that they were descended from "heavenly beings." This is conceivably an adumbration of the accurateness of articulate tradition. But abounding alternative hieroglyphs and petroglyphs and petrographs about the apple allege of this event, and generally characterize aircraft and other-worldly beings. Contrary to our wishes, there can be no absolutes in some abiding questions. The achievability that conflicting activity forms visited the Apple is one of those examples. I don't accept anyone has abundant empiric affirmation to booty a allegiant position on the actuality of exoteric visitations, against the non actuality of them.  Therefore , abstracts one way or addition are abandoned postulates, theories and entertainments. What can be known, is that technologically avant-garde cultures accept existed in antiquity, and that there is acute affirmation that these ability accept been afflicted by able activity from addition planet. Without empiric proof, however, the questions abide a mystery. There are alternative considerations that charge be addressed. The adequacy of aliens to appointment our planet, would artlessly advance a technologically avant-garde acculturation far beyond our own. Therefore, had they capital to accomplish themselves acutely known, they could have. The actuality that they haven't appear themselves boldly, can beggarly either they do not ambition to for whatever reason, or that "they" do not exist. With ascent affirmation advertence the actuality of these alternative carnal beings, it becomes added and added difficult to avoid the possibilities, and added and added acceptable that we may all acquisition ourselves analytic the archetype of our ultimate source. With the egg-shaped apogee of Planet X/Nibiru accepted to accomplish its 3600 year canyon abreast Apple in 2013, we may be bedevilled to addition appulse that will actualize a new Apple 3, or we may acquisition ourselves afraid easily with a visiting appointment of Anunnaki. Either way, annihilation will anytime be the aforementioned again. Works Cited AncientX: Jason Martell's Research. "The 12,000 Year Old Dropa Stones." 2006. Retrieved on 22 October 2006 from ;;. Crystal, Ellie. "Ancient Egyptian Aerial Vehicles.". Crystalinks. 2006. Retrieved on 21 October 2006 from ;;. Freer, Neil. "Sumerian Ability and the Anunnaki." UFO Evidence. 2006. Retrieved on 20 October 2006 from ;;. Sitchin, Zecharia. "The Case of Adam's Conflicting Genes." 2001. Retrieved on 21 October 2006 from ;;. XFacts Research. 2003. Retrieved on 21 October 2006 from ;;. ;

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