Life Expectancy Increase

Can I accept as abutting to 3 hours as possible? I disregarded assignment.  Based on account and experience, adapt a 1 folio  summary anecdotic and discussing the amusing planning that would be bare in your association if activity assumption added to 100 years. Anticipate about what would accept to be done in your association if bodies lived to be 100? You will charge to absolutely anticipate about this because it relates to your community. You should accommodate in your discussion: name of your association (town/city), admission to healthcare, transportation, housing, food, bounded government structure, etc. I would advance that you accede interviewing addition in your bounded community's government or addition that works with the aged or Council of Aging. Most communities accept a Council on Aging. You will charge to accommodate their name and position, if you account them. This appointment is about amusing planning in your association if activity assumption added to 100. Therefore, you should focus on your community. The arbitrary needs to chase APA formatting requirements.   (MY COMMUNITY IS SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA)

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