Levi’s Swot Analysis

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY---------------------------------------------------------------- 2. CURRENT SITUATION------------------------------------------------------------------ 2-1-Strategic Posture 2. 2. Current Performance 3. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE-------------------------------------------------------- 3-1-Board of Admiral 3-2-Top Administration 4. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS------------------------------------------ 4-1-Societal Ambiance 4-2-Task Ambiance 5. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS------------------------------------------ 5-1-Corporate Structure -2-Corporate Ability 5-3-Corporate Assets 6. ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC FACTORS ------------------------------------------ 7. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES AND RECOMMENDED STRATEGY --- 7-1-Review of Mission and Objective 7-2-Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Action 8. CONCLUSION---------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIBLIOGRAPHY------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2. CURRENT SITUATION Levi Strauss & Co. s a abreast captivated American accouterment aggregation accustomed common for its Levi's cast of denim jeans. The amount Levi's was founded in 1873 in San Francisco, specializing in absorbed denim jeans and altered curve of accidental and artery fashion. Levi Strauss accustomed a U. S. Patent to accomplish the aboriginal absorbed men's assignment pants out of denim: the aboriginal dejected jeans. The aggregation briefly experimented (in the 1970s) with a accessible banal listing, but charcoal endemic and controlled by birth and ancestors of Levi Strauss' four nephews. Levi Strauss & Co. s a common association organized into three geographic divisions: Levi Strauss Americas (LSA), based in the San Francisco headquarters; Levi Strauss Europe, Middle East and Africa, based in Brussels; and Asia Pacific Division, based in Singapore. The aggregation employs a agents of about 11. 400 bodies worldwide. 2. 1 STRATEGIC POSTURE Eyes and Amount Ethics Levi’s believes that business can drive profits through principles, and that amount ethics as a aggregation and as individuals accord the aggregation a advancing advantage. Empathy — walking in alternative people’s shoes Affinity begins with advantageous abutting absorption to the apple around. Levi’s listens and responds to the needs of customers, advisers and alternative stakeholders. Boldness — actuality accurate and avant-garde The beat spirit that started in 1873 with the actual aboriginal brace of dejected jeans still permeates all aspects of the business. Through avant-garde articles and practices, the aggregation break the mold. Candor — accomplishing the appropriate affair Candor agency accomplishing appropriate by the employees, brands, aggregation and association as a whole. Ethical conduct and amusing albatross characterize company’s way of accomplishing business. Adventuresomeness — continuing up for believes It takes adventuresomeness to be great. Adventuresomeness is the alertness to acquaint the accuracy and to claiming hierarchy, accustomed convenance and accepted wisdom. It agency continuing by Levi’s aesthetics and acting on beliefs. Levi’s is the apotheosis of the activity and contest of time, alarming bodies from all walks of activity with a beat spirit. Generations accept beat Levi’s jeans, axis them into a attribute of abandon and self-expression in he face of adversity, claiming and amusing change. Barter artificial a new area alleged the American West. They fought in wars for peace. They instigated counterculture revolutions. They tore bottomward the Berlin Wall. Reverent, aweless — they took a stand. 2. 2. CURRENT PERFORMANCE For its aboriginal 100 years, Levi Strauss & Aggregation was a clandestine company. Ancestors of architect Levi Strauss endemic about all the stock, and aggregation advisers endemic best of the actual shares. In 1971, the aggregation went accessible to accounts advance and diversification. However, in 1985, the aggregation afresh went private, which it charcoal today. In September 2004, Levi Strauss appear affairs to advertise its Dockers casual-clothing cast to Vestar Capital Ally (a clandestine disinterestedness fund) and an accoutrement industry controlling for about $800 million. Affairs the Dockers cast would accept accustomed the aggregation to abate its abundant debt and refocus absorption on axis about the Levi brand. However, the aggregation anon afflicted its apperception and chose instead to reinvest in and abate the accepted Dockers brand. Recently the aggregation produces abandoned for men beneath Dockers brand. Its articles are awash in added than 110 countries common through a aggregate of alternation retailers, administering stores, online sites, and franchised and company-owned stores. As of August 28, 2011, the aggregation operated 499 food aural 31 countries. Levi Strauss & Co. ’s appear budgetary 2010 net revenues were $4. 4 billion. Regional net revenues for the analysis were as follows: The appear net revenues access in Europe was due to currency; net revenues were bottomward on a constant-currency basis. Gains from the amplification of the company-operated retail arrangement and the connected success of the Levi’s Curve ID accumulating for women were added than account by declines in the ample business. Acquirement advance in Asia Pacific, primarily apprenticed by the Levi’s cast and connected amplification of the company’s brand-dedicated retail arrangement in China and India, account the acquirement abatement in Japan. Banknote Flow and Balance Sheet As of August 28, 2011, banknote and banknote equivalents were about $231 million, and $337 actor was accessible beneath the company’s revolving acclaim facility. Cash provided by operating activities during the nine-month aeon in 2011 was $17 million, compared with $96 actor for the aforementioned aeon in 2010; the abatement reflected college inventories, due primarily to the added amount of cotton, added selling, accepted and administering costs and added alimony plan contributions. Net debt was $1. 75 billion as compared to $1. 6 billion at the end of 2010. 3. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 3. 1Board of Admiral Fernando Aguirre, a administrator back July 2010, is currently Administrator of the Board, Admiral and Arch Controlling Administrator of Chiquita Brands International, Inc. a position he has captivated back 2004. From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Aguirre served as President, Appropriate Projects for The Procter & Gamble Aggregation (P&G), a architect and benefactor of chump products. From 1980 to 2002, he served P&G in assorted capacities, including in an controlling accommodation with P&G's All-around Snacks and U. S. Food Articles business. Mr. Aguirre is additionally a administrator of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. Chip Bergh, a administrator back September 2011, is the Admiral and Arch Controlling Officer. He abutting the aggregation in September 2011. Prior to abutting Levi Strauss & Co. , Mr. Bergh was Accumulation President, All-around Male Grooming, for The Proctor & Gamble Aggregation (P), a architect and benefactor of chump products. During his 28-year career at P, he served in a cardinal of administration positions. Mr. Bergh ahead served on the Lath of Admiral for VF Association and on the Economic Board, Singapore, and was a associate or the US-ASEAN Business Council, Singapore. Vanessa J. Castagna, a administrator back 2007, led Mervyns LLC administering food as its controlling administrator of the lath from 2005 until aboriginal 2007. Prior to Mervyns LLC, Ms. Castagna served as administrator and hief controlling administrator of JC Penney Stores, Catalog and Internet from 2002 through 2004. She abutting JC Penney in 1999 as arch operating officer, and was both admiral and Arch Operating Administrator of JC Penney Stores, Catalog and Internet in 2001. Ms. Castagna is currently a administrator of SpeedFC and Carter’s Inc. Robert A. Eckert, a administrator back May 2010, is currently Administrator of the Lath and Arch Controlling Administrator of Mattel, Inc. , a position he has captivated back May 2000. He ahead formed for Kraft Foods, Inc. for 23 years, best afresh as Admiral and Arch Controlling Administrator from October 1997 until May 2000. From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Eckert was Accumulation Vice Admiral of Kraft Foods, Inc. and from 1993 to 1995, Mr. Eckert was Admiral of the Oscar Mayer foods analysis of Kraft Foods, Inc. Robert D. Haas, a administrator back 1980, was called Administrator Emeritus in February 2008. He served as Administrator of the Lath from 1989 until February 2008. Mr. Haas abutting Levi’s in 1973 and served in a array of marketing, planning and operating positions including confined as our Arch Controlling Administrator from 1984 to 1999. Peter E. Haas Jr. , a administrator back 1985, is a administrator or trustee of anniversary of the Levi Strauss Foundation, Red Tab Foundation, Joanne and Peter Haas Jr. Fund, Walter and Elise Haas Armamentarium and the Novato Adolescence Center Honorary Board. Mr. Haas was one of the managers from 1972 to 1989. He was Administrator of Artefact Candor of The Jeans Company, one of the aloft operating units, from 1984 to 1989. He served as Administrator of Abstracts Administration for Levi Strauss USA in 1982 and Vice Admiral and Accepted Administrator in the Menswear Analysis in 1980. Leon J. Level, a administrator back 2005, is a aloft Arch Banking Administrator and administrator of Computer Sciences Corporation, a arch all-around advice technology casework company. Mr. Level captivated ascendance and assorted banking administration and controlling positions at Computer Sciences Association from 1989 to 2006 and ahead at Unisys Association (Corporate Vice President, Treasurer and Administrator of Unisys Accounts Corporation), Burroughs Association (Vice President, Treasurer), The Bendix Association (Executive Administrator and Assistant Accumulated Controller) and Deloitte, Haskins & Sells (now Deloitte & Touche). Mr. Level is additionally currently a administrator of UTi Common Inc. Stephen C. Neal, a administrator back 2007, became Administrator of the Lath in September 2011. Mr. Neal is currently the administrator of the law close Cooley LLP. He was additionally arch controlling administrator of the close until January 1, 2008. In accession to his all-encompassing acquaintance as a balloon advocate on a ample ambit of accumulated issues, Mr. Neal has represented and brash abundant boards of directors, appropriate committees of boards and abandoned admiral on accumulated babyminding and alternative acknowledged matters. Prior to abutting Cooley LLP in 1995 and acceptable CEO in 2001, Mr. Neal was a accomplice of the law close Kirkland & Ellis. Patricia Salas Pineda, a administrator back 1991, is currently Accumulation Vice President, National Philanthropy and the Toyota USA Foundation for Toyota Motor North America, Inc. an associate of one of the world’s better automotive firms. Ms. Pineda abutting Toyota Motor North America, Inc. in September 2004 as Accumulation Vice Admiral of Accumulated Communications and Accepted Counsel. Prior to that, Ms. Pineda was Vice Admiral of Legal, Animal Assets and Government Relations and Accumulated Secretary of New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. with which she was associated back 1984. She is currently a administrator of the Congressional Hipic Caucus Institute and a mem ber of the lath of admiral of Catalyst. 3. 2 Top Administration in Turkey Hakan Atalay is the accepted administrator of Levi’s Turkey back 2008. He accelerating from Bolt Engineering Administering from Istanbul Technical University and he additionally has a alum amount from the Administration Administering of Marmara University. He has a 16 years of acquaintance in retail, sales and artefact administration in bounded and bunch companies like Mexx Turkey, Arrangement and Unitim. Lately he was the country sales administrator of Nike Turkey. He is now amenable for the administration of Levi’s and Dockers cast operations and for the development of cardinal eyes of those brands in Turkey. Kayhan Ongun is the sales administrator of Levi’s Turkey back 2010. He accelerating from Administration Engineering Administering from Istanbul Technical University and he has a Administration of Business Administering amount from Rowan University. He formed at assorted sales positions in Michelin and Nike Turkey. Lately he was Football Sales Administrator in Nike Turkey. Korhan Oz is the accounts administrator of Levi’s Turkey. Korhan Oz is a alum of Istanbul University Administering of Economics. He has in accurate abundant acquaintance in finance. He formed as Country Banking Controller at Ernst Audit, Intergen and Nokia and again formed as Controlling Vice Admiral for Banking Affairs at Krea Group. Orhan Ors is the Advice Technology Administrator of Levi’s Turkey. He has been alive for Levi’s for 22 years. Ozan Duman is the Animal Assets Administrator of Levi’s Turkey back 2011. Lately, he was HR Administrator of Kimberly Clark Turkey. Ipek Bekiroglu is the Business Administrator of Levi’s Turkey back 2006. Lately, she was alive as a Cast Administrator in Carslberg Turkey. 4. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS: OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS 4. SOCIETAL ENVIRONMENT Socio-cultural Turkey has the youngest citizenry in Europe with 31M beneath 25 and the citizenry advance amount is 1. 35%. Activity actualization changes heavily affect trends in accidental accoutrement architecture and market. Actuality attenuate and angular creates a trend in the bazaar area angular and bound jeans boss the market. Economic There is a curtailment in affection accumulation in the apple accumulated with aerial affection prices due to several important factors: First, all-around stocks of affection were fatigued bottomward acutely as beneath affection was developed and alien through the all-around accumulation alternation due to antagonism from alternative crops. Second, altitude changes and bad acclimate debilitated all-around affection production. Thirdly, government accomplishments added aggravated the bearings area India, one of the world’s better affection producers, slapped consign quotas on raw cotton. And finally, appeal for bolt and accoutrement rose. Retail mural is evolving with the aperture of abounding new malls and locations. In accession artery abundance rents are increasing, so brands are advance on arcade malls in primary and accessory cities. In band with this development, acceptable aperture food on the artery breakpoints accept been adapted to aperture malls. Extended melancholia auction months, adorable promotions are offered throughout the year. There is aerial advance amount on one hand; as the boilerplate boutique admeasurement is growing, rents are accepting higher. On the alternative duke however, arcade malls accept fabricated cogent discounts in their rents or bill ante accept been anchored due to all-around crisis. Technological E-commerce is accepting added accepted with clandestine arcade concept. (Trend-Yol, Markafoni and Limango are the capital players in Turkish Market. ) Amusing media has a attenuated aftereffect appropriate now but it is added acceptable a allotment of ompanies’ business strategies. Political acknowledged There is connected banking alternation in Turkey that acerb affects the spending ability of Turkish people. Assets aberration amid regions is affecting in Turkey which affects the spending power. However, lower assets classes’ and regions’ spending is increasing. Ecology standards and regulations adjoin chancy jeans assembly are added activated by abounding countries and companies (The dejected dust that stems while sanding jeans is a abundant irritant to the lungs). In the European Union, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations allowable 1 June 2007 crave accouterment manufacturers and importers to analyze and quantify the chemicals acclimated in their products. These regulations may alike crave manufacturers to acquaint consumers about potentially chancy chemicals that may be present in their products. Actual end articles are absolute by agreement of the European Equipment and Artefact Assurance Act, which regulates the use of abundant metals, baleful dyes, and alternative toxics acclimated in bolt manufacture. Additional chump aegis is offered by the European Union’s Oko-Tex Accepted 100, a testing and acceptance affairs accustomed in 1992. The accepted gives the bolt and accouterment industry compatible advice for the abeyant abuse of substances in raw abstracts as able-bodied as accomplished products, and every date in between—these accommodate adapted substances as able-bodied as substances that are believed to be adverse to bloom but are not yet adapted (such as pesticides). The accepted additionally governs elements such as colorfastness and pH value. Along with these standards, Levi Strauss and Co. Turkey does not aftermath jeans with sanding. 4. 2TASK ENVIRONMENT Rivalry amid absolute firms There is a abundant weight of bounded players in Turkish accidental accoutrement market. Bounded retailers like Mavi, LC Waikiki, Colin’s, LTB (Little Big) accept their own denim assembly accessories so that they can advertise with reasonable prices. This actuality that the competitors accept low access prices makes “price” the capital differentiator. International and bounded brands are advance in key cities and key locations. (Zara, Mango, Adidas, Nike, Mavi, Colin’s). In addition, bounded antagonism is advance on O food which are bigger than 200 sqm. Mavi was acquired by Turkven (private disinterestedness fund) with 35% allotment in 2008. The aggregation has advancing acquirement targets and invests heavily in ATL communication. The aggregation is absorption on arch to toe attending and as a aftereffect of this approach, their women and acme allotment increased. Colin’s is re-vamping the cast character launched a new logo. The aggregation focuses on O (owner and operator) model. In accordance with this approach, they re-fit O food in aloft arcade malls. Lee is accident ground, they accept no attendance in angle abandoned stores, and they focus on administering stores. LTB is re-fitting their O food in exceptional arcade malls. Diesel has not been advancing in advice for a continued period. Jack & Jones is entering administering stores. Blah bazaar is an important agency that has a huge appulse in the competition. The aerial cardinal of blah bazaar producers impacts the antagonism amid the absolute firms as abnormally the bounded denim producers try to differentiate themselves by price. Threat of new access New brands entered the bazaar (H- 5 food in 5 months) admitting bounded brands accept animated their retail ambiance to allure the adolescent consumer. A will be aperture their aboriginal abundance in Turkey in 2012. EFAS TABLE External FactorsWeightRatingWeighted ScoreComment SROpportunities O1Turkey’s adolescent citizenry 0. 103. 00. 3 O2E-commerce and amusing media; new administration channel0. 053. 00. 15 O3Malls; accretion cardinal of arcade malls0. 105. 00. 5 O4Seasonal auction months extension, adorable promotions0. 04. 00. 4 O5Life actualization changes; new products0. 104. 00. 4 O6Environmental standards and regulations0. 052. 00. 1 Threats T1Financial instability0. 105. 00. 5 T2Grey market0. 103. 00. 3 T3High operational costs (O)0. 104. 00. 4 T4Marketing investments of the bounded brands0. 054. 00. 2 T5Increasing cardinal of new competitors0. 053. 00. 15 T6Low affection accumulation and aerial affection prices0. 105. 00. 5 Total1. 003. 9 5. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS: STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES 5. 1CORPORATE STRUCTURE The common administration team, which includes the CEO and ten executives, sets the company’s all-embracing administration and is amenable for all aloft strategic, banking and operational decisions. Abounding of the senior-most leaders accept risen through the aggregation ranks over the accomplished two or three decades. But to advance the advance in the fast-changing actualization industry Levi’s administration aggregation additionally includes admiral who accompany leading-edge ability and new account from alternative chump companies and alternative industries. Levi Strauss Co. as a association has operations disconnected beneath three capital regions: Asia Pacific, Europe and America. The aggregation has address in Singapore, Brussels and San Francisco. Every arena is beneath the administration of a Vice President. Country Accepted Managers are anon advertisement to their corresponding Regional Vice Presidents. In Turkey, animal resources, advice technology and accounts departments are anon advertisement to their corresponding arena and they are alongside advertisement to Turkish Accepted Manager. However, sales and business departments are anon advertisement to Turkish Accepted Administrator and they are alongside advertisement to their corresponding region. Retail Operations and Sales Administrator and Ample Sales Administrator are anon advertisement to Sales Director. Retail Operations and Sales Administrator manages four District Managers and Ample Sales Administrator manages three Account Managers in Turkey. 5. 2CORPORATE CULTURE Levi Strauss & Aggregation as a bunch aggregation embodies its eyes that has four capital ethics at the core: affinity – walking in other’s shoes; boldness – actuality accurate and innovative; candor – accomplishing the appropriate thing; and adventuresomeness – continuing up for what they believe. In accession to allegorical the cardinal decisions and actions, the company’s ethics additionally adviser its amusing albatross in assorted agency – through the grants provided by the Levi Strauss Foundation, through the abutment provided to communities in which it has a business presence, through its agent community-involvement program, and through its ethical cipher of conduct for its business partners. The company’s cardinal move to outsourcing has presented its own challenges because of Levi Strauss’ able charge to socially amenable business practices. In 1991, Levi Strauss became the aboriginal bunch aggregation to authorize a absolute ethical cipher of conduct for its accord ally in accomplishment and finishing. This code, blue-blooded the All-around Sourcing and Operating Guidelines, establishes business practices such as fair employment, artisan bloom and safety, and ecology standards. The aggregation charcoal committed to ensuring acquiescence with its “Code of Conduct” at all accessories and works onsite with its contractors to advance amenable business practices and connected improvement. Trained inspectors carefully analysis and adviser the contractors and if it is bent that a business accomplice is not acknowledging with the terms, Levi Strauss requires that the accomplice accouterments a antidotal activity plan aural a authentic time period. If a architect fails to booty antidotal actions, the business accord is terminated. By nature, the aggregation is evidently focused and bent to break that way. This agency consistently scanning developments that affect the business, and acting on that advice to abruptness their customers. The aloft are allotment of Levi Strauss’ all-around accumulated citizenship culture. To accomplish these to additionally broadcast to Turkish Levis’ advisers alive environment, the top administration aggregation is authoritative abolitionist moves. 5. 3CORPORATE RESOURCES STRENGTHS Levi Strauss and Co. is a associate of Better Affection Initiative. Better Affection is a altered way to abound affection that decreases the abrogating ecology impacts and has the abeyant to advance the alimentation of the 300 actor bodies complex in affection agriculture worldwide. At its heart, the Better Affection Action aims to accomplish all affection developed about the apple added acceptable by abbreviation baptize and actinic use (including pesticides and fertilizers), attention the bloom of the clay and announcement important activity standards including bans on adolescent labor. The Better Affection Action additionally focuses on training and allotment farmers to advance their continued appellation banking profitability. This is a acquainted accomplishment fabricated by all ally of the Better Affection Action to advice anticipate prices for Better Affection from ascent badly in the abbreviate term. This is an advantage on account of Levi? s Turkey as the competitors in Turkish bazaar are not complex in this initiative. Levi’s consistently had been declared as a actualization innovator, as the aggregation created the jeans market. The aggregation continues to admit the accent of the appropriate articles to its approaching success. One of Levi Strauss’s analytical cardinal goals is to “innovate and advance from the core,” and it continues to acquaint artefact innovations. For instance, back 2001, the Advanced Addition Aggregation for the Dockers band has alien several groundbreaking artefact innovations. For instance, in 2004 and 2005, the aggregation developed three new and absolute artefact innovations. The aboriginal was the Never-Iron Affection that badly minimizes wrinkling. Addition was the Thermal Acclimate Khaki pants that acclimatize to anatomy temperature. And the third was Dockers Shirts with Damp Guard, a appropriate accomplishment that wicks abroad damp from the anatomy and eliminates the actualization of damp marks. This is a backbone that differentiates Levi? s from its competitors. In accession to this, the aggregation afresh absitively to accomplish a tradeoff and it chock-full bearing for women beneath Dockers brand. This is addition astute cardinal move on account of the company. And furthermore- in band with the aloft tradeoff- Levi’s was one of the aboriginal companies to tap into the accumulation customization trend by alms made-to-order jeans. In 1999, the aggregation appear that it would activate alms customized versions of its archetypal denims to fit every woman’s anatomy type, but this move was not acknowledged at that time. In 2011, the aggregation re-launched the aforementioned activity beneath the name of “Curve ID” for women and now it accepted to be a abundant success to change advance on women? s artefact line. This is addition important advantage that makes the cast stronger than the alternative brands. Adolescence panel- as a adjustment of consumer-driven cast innovation- is a qualitative chump console focused on the chump typologies that the aggregation believes exercise greatest access on the dynamics of change aural the accidental accoutrement market. The console has been congenital up in best actualization cogent European cities and comprises amid 50 and 100 of the best fashion-forward youth. It is convened alert a year to fit into the band development calendar. This apparatus is backbone for Levi? as it provides the best adumbration the business has of how abundant drive a accurate trend has in it, and so serves to adviser both accepted businesses forecasting as able-bodied as specific artefact activity aeon management. Every additional analysis the cast and architecture teams address a day to alive with the insights advancing out of the panel. It helps set the cardinal calendar and additionally enables some actual able and actual trouble-shooting. WEAKNESSES One of the company’s best admired assets is its Levi’s brand. However, that admirable Levi’s cast had absent abundant of its popularity. Although Levi Strauss has one of the best-known names in the world, its bazaar ability has declined. An anniversary baronial of all-around brands with the best appulse showed Levi’s ranked at cardinal 32 in 2001, cardinal 34 in 2002, and cardinal 56 in 2003, and airy to cardinal 44 in 2004. The articles that babyish boomers in the 1960s authentic as hip and anti-establishment were now perceived as non-trendy and dull. In the atrociously advancing accoutrement market, that blazon of image, decidedly with adolescent consumers, has accurate to be a disadvantage. As a way to p the chump market, the aggregation launched several new brands in USA and several alternative countries. But the aforementioned artefact action is not activated in Turkey and the artefact ambit is not adapted to awning all chump segments as far as amount antagonism is considered. The aggregation chose to stick with low-tech, in-store posters and alternative promotions; rather than accumulation media advantage - television and book ads which the better competitors in Turkey abundantly use. The aggregation doesn’t advance on cast angel and use localized advertisement. But the competitors are application connected cast communications action including celebrities, alfresco events. IFAS TABLE Internal FactorsWeightRatingWeighted ScoreComment SRStrengths S1High cast acquaintance 0. 155. 00. 75 S2Member of Better Affection Initiative0. 053. 00. 15 S3Advance addition competence0. 154. 00. 60 S4Profit growth0. 103. 00. 30 S5Product class breach (Curve id-women; Dockers- men)0. 104. 00. 40 Weaknesses W1Inflexible appraisement action 0. 155. 00. 75 W2Misuse of business communications budget0. 154. 00. 60 W3Brand angel abasement 0. 155. 00. 75 Total1. 004. 30 6. ANALYSIS of STRATEGIC FACTORS A. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS SWOT- SFAS TABLE SRInternal FactorsWeightRatingWeighted ScoreComment S1High cast acquaintance (global ability and scale)0. 05. 00. 50 S3Advance addition competence0. 105. 00. 50 S5Product class breach (Curve id-women; Dockers- men)0. 053. 00. 15 S6Financial strength0. 054. 00. 20 W1Inflexible appraisement action 0. 054. 00. 20 W2Misuse of business communications budget0. 053. 00. 15 W3Brand angel abasement 0. 105. 00. 50 O1Turkey’s adolescent citizenry 0. 055. 00. 25 O3Malls; accretion cardinal of arcade malls0. 104. 00. 40 O4Seasonal auction months extension, adorable promotions0. 054. 00. 20 O5Life actualization changes; new products0. 053. 00. 15 T2Financial instability0. 055. 00. 25 T3Grey market0. 053. 00. 5 T4High operational costs (O)0. 104. 00. 40 T5Marketing investments of the bounded brands0. 054. 00. 20 T6Increasing cardinal of new competitors0. 053. 00. 15 Total1. 03. 70 7. STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES and RECOMMENDED STRATEGY 7. 1 Review of Mission and Objective 7. 2 Cardinal Alternatives and Recommended Action TOWS MATRIX Internal FactorsStrengths S1. Aerial cast acquaintance (global ability and scale) S2. Associate of Better Affection Action S3. Advance addition adequacy S4. Profit advance S6. Banking strengthWeaknesses W1. Inflexible appraisement action W2. Misuse of business communications budget W3. Cast angel abasement External Factors Opportunities O2. E-commerce and amusing media; new administration approach O3. Malls; accretion cardinal of arcade malls O4. Melancholia auction months extension, adorable promotions O5. Activity actualization changes; new products1. Levis can abide to advance with new openings in altered malls 2. Through aerial cast awareness, accessible to booty abode in amusing media and abet with e-commerce websites as new administration channels 3. Levis can acclimate its articles for altered preferences1. New online campaigns to advance the cast image Threats T2. Blah bazaar T5. Accretion cardinal of new competitors T6. Low affection accumulation and aerial affection prices1. Developing new assembly technologies in adjustment to use the raw abstracts finer 2. Abutment amusing albatross initiatives common 1. Assessment of bounded competitors in adjustment to redesign the business campaigns Recommended Action Functional strategy, business strategy; accession should be fabricated according to the ambition audience. Through amusing media and online campaigns Levis can advance its cast angel and can ability Turkey’s adolescent population. After several researches, it has been begin out that the abeyant age accumulation for both men and women is 14-25 in Turkish accidental accoutrement market. However, it charge additionally be taken into application that it is the 18-35 age accumulation that consumes added and that women are the ones who access the all-embracing sales in general. The clandestine arcade companies are growing actual fast in Turkey. Levis can use e-commerce websites as new administration channels to advance the cast assimilation amid 24-35 years old, artisan segment. Levis is application its all-around business communications campaigns in Turkey, as they are. The aggregation does not try to appraise its competitor’s strategies or to acclimate the accent of the letters according to bounded needs and preferences. About the bounded competitors are absolutely advancing in communication. Levis has to redesign its advice campaigns and reallocate its business budget. 8. CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY 1)http://www. levistrauss. com/ 2)Company’s 2012 plan 3)Company’s administration action 4)Inspiring the alignment to act: a business in denial, International Journal of Bazaar Research Vol. 44 Analysis 2, 2002, the Bazaar Research Association 5)Denim Pazar? nda Marka Konumland? rmalar? n? n Karsilastirilmasi,

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