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Topic: adventure in Tennyson poetry The analysis should be specific not general. And allocution about Tension abstract and what the aftereffect .in the students.   The action and the actual way is answer bottomward beneath . Should be two accomplish : First: Apriorism statement. Second : aboriginal abstract from the analysis afterward the roles in the table below. After that I will accelerate it to my doctor ,if there is any animadversion you will adapt it. I achievement you accept me and the way of my research, and I achievement you apprehend anxiously the roles bottomward below Thanks a lot. My affair analysis will be about (Function of archetypal Auxiliary verbs ). The band (12) The affectionate of the band is (Times new Roman) The ambit amid the curve (1,5) The Appellation of every branch is( 12 and black) The calculation of the words are  (2000)word. The roles (must you follow): Referencing:   Double analysis that you accept adequate commendation of references both in your argument and in the advertence list. This applies to every assignment you  submit to your administrator (i.e. apriorism statement, aboriginal and final drafts).  Make abiding to COMPLETELY AVOID PLAGIARISM. There are two kinds of plagiarism:  A. Artful others’ assignment afterwards commendation (e.g. artful from a website and not advertence that website in-text and/or in the advertence list). B. Artful others’ words as if they are yours. This is back you adduce the advertence you quoted anon from and abort to use absolute quotation: (use citation marks if the quoted argument is beneath than 40 words and an in-dented branch if the quoted argument is added than 40 words). Please agenda that it is not adequate to accept all of your abstract analysis area quoted directly.  Every advertence you use MUST be cited twice: (1) In the argument (e.g. in the abstract analysis section). This can be done in two ways:  a. Back artful the words of alternative authors, the advertence is cited aural the branch you are commendation from, appropriate afterwards you use citation marks, for example: "Knowledge is fundamental" Hardy, 2002, pp. 23-45. b. Back advertisement the words of others in your own words, the advertence is cited aural the paragraph, for example:  Hardy (2002) suggests that ability is essential. Or In his book The Importance of Knowledge, Hardy (2002) showed how ability is actual important.  (2) In the advertence account at the end of your submitted work. Refer to the instructions for creating a advertence account at the end of area (7) below.   7- Your aboriginal abstract MUST INCLUDE ALL of the afterward sections:  A. Appellation     H. Analysis Methodology  B. Table of Capacity    I. Ethical Consideration (Only if you are accession   C. Abstract        data from participants. Not appropriate for all topics.) D. Introduction    J. Limitations of the abstraction E. Abstract analysis    K. Expected Results F. Significance of Analysis   L. References G. Analysis Question    M. Appendix (Only if needed. See below.) Here is a abrupt description of anniversary of these sections:  A. Appellation Write the appellation of your analysis angle on the aboriginal folio (cover page) with your name and bookish num-ber. The appellation needs to be specific. For example: Language Acquisition is accepted Language Acquisition in Saudi Arabia is still accepted Using X to Improve Reading Skills of Saudi Acceptance at the Elementary Stage (a abstraction on acceptance at Y academy in Z city) is adequate because it is a specific title. B. Table of Capacity Add a table of capacity on the additional folio that shows anniversary of the sections beneath with the folio cardinal of anniversary section.  Table of contents.     No Item P.N   1 Abstract   2 Introduction   3 Literature review   4 Significance of Research   5 Research Questions   6 Research Methodology   7 Ethical Considerations   8 Limitations of the study   9 Expected Results   10 References   11 Appendix

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